Koncerty v Praze

O tom, že je kultura v Praze nesmírně bohatá se lze dočíst na několika místech ať už v nesčetném množství turistických průvodců nebo na několika serverech na internetu. Můžete se o tom přesvědčit třeba na stránkách, které mapují jak vypadá kultura v Praze. Náš server "koncerty v Praze" se zaměřuje jen jednu oblast kultury a tou je především hudba. V Praze se každý den koná přibližně čtyřicítka koncertů různého žánrového zaměření. Nejvíce je Praha pověstná svými jazzovými kluby a jejich koncerty. Nezřídka kdy však v Praze vystoupí i takové hvězdy jako Sting, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers nebo třeba Cold Play. Ale konec řečí. Ponořme se do víru hudby. Pokud vám tento výběr nestačí navštivte stránku koncerty Praha. Naleznete tam mnohem víc. V letní sezóně jsou obzvláště důležité taktéž festivaly.

Výběr nejlepších koncertů:

BE27: Skepta (UK) + AJ Tracey (UK)

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Pá 25. říjen 19:00

Since his debut as MC and producer in 2004, Skepta has become one of the most important British artists on the contemporary music scene. Winner of the Mercury Award and BRIT Awards, over the years he…

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Čt 7. listopad 21:00

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a Danish pop band consisting of vocalist Mette Lindberg and songwriter/producer Lars Iversen, formed in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. When performing live the band extends…

The Lumineers + special guest: Mighty Oaks

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Ne 10. listopad 20:00

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Devendra Banhart + support: Vetiver

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), So 25. leden 19:30

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Archa Theatre (Praha 1), So 15. únor 20:00

Efterklang is a Danish band based in Lisbon and Copenhagen. The band consists of the 3 childhood friends Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen & Rasmus Stolberg. They are signed to British label 4AD and…

Agnes Obel

Hybernia Theatre (Praha 1), Po 9. březen 20:00

Agnes Obel is a Danish singer, songwriter and musician who lives in Berlin. Her first album, _Philharmonics_, was released by PIAS Recordings on 4 October 2010 in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other…

The Dead South

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), So 4. duben 20:00

The Dead South is a Canadian folk-bluegrass musical ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan. The band was initially formed in 2012 as a quartet by Canadians Nate Hilts (vocals, guitar, mandolin),…

James Blake

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Pá 17. duben 20:00

James Blake is an English singer, songwriter, musician and record producer from London. He first received recognition in 2010 for a trio of EPs, and the following year his self-titled debut album was…


Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Čt 23. duben 20:00

Daniel Victor Snaith is a Canadian composer, musician, and recording artist who has performed under the stage names Caribou, Manitoba and Daphni. Snaith originally recorded under the stage name…


Archa Theatre (Praha 1), St 29. duben 20:00

Swans is an American rock band, founded in the post-punk, its original pioneering experimental work, which resulted in a significant contribution not only in the noise-rock music, but also the broad…

Thom Yorke

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Ne 12. červenec 00:00

Thomas Edward Yorke is an English musician and the singer and main songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead. A multi-instrumentalist, he mainly plays guitar and keyboards. Along with the…

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

O2 Arena (Praha 9), So 30. květen 20:00

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne in 1983 by vocalist Nick Cave, multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey and guitarist Blixa Bargeld. The band has featured…

Drab Majesty + Body of Light

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Pá 25. říjen 20:00

Drab Majesty is a Los Angeles-based project consisting of musician Deb Demure (Andrew Clinco) and keyboardist and vocalist Mona D (Alex Nicolaou). Demure founded the duo in 2011 while still working…

Festival Alternativa 2019 + Alternativa meets Jednota

MeetFactory (Praha 5), So 26. říjen 11:00

And So I Watch You from Afar

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), So 26. říjen 20:00

And So I Watch You from Afar is a Northern Irish instrumental rock band from Belfast, composed of guitarists Rory Friers and Niall Kennedy, bassist Johnny Adger and drummer Chris Wee. The band…

Fink + special guest: Sophie Hunger

Roxy (Praha 1), So 9. listopad 19:30

The Brits associated with Ninja Tune combine various inspirations in their music: from trip hop, soul, blues and folk traditions, to alternative rock. Albums such as _Perfect Darkness, Hard Believer_…


Roxy (Praha 1), Po 25. listopad 20:00

Temples are an English rock band, formed in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 2012 by singer and guitarist James Bagshaw and bassist Tom Walmsley. The band's lineup was later completed with the addition…

Lea Porcelain + support: Sergeant Jammer

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), Po 21. říjen 19:00

The power and grandeur of this music, the magic and surrealism of this haunted melancholy, always balances itself between chaos and structure. Germany has been waiting for something as exciting and…

Lucky Chops + support: Brass Avenue

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:00

Lucky Chops are a proof of rising popularity of busking. They became famous thanks to a random spectator, who shot band's performance on the street and shared it with internet world. The band…

BE27: Tangerine Dream (DE)

Roxy (Praha 1), St 23. říjen 19:30

Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music band founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. The group has seen many personnel changes over the years, with Froese having been the only continuous member until…

Thurston Moore Group + support: Rattle

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), So 26. říjen 19:00

The Thurston Moore Group is a band around the singer / songwriter and guitarist of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore. Members of the band include core members Nought's James Sedwards (guitar), My Bloody…


Café V lese (Praha 10), So 26. říjen 19:30

Born in Cologne to a Korean mother and German father, both of whom are opera singers, Josin grew up with music in her blood. While at medical school in Nice, her desire to become a musician became…


Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Ne 27. říjen 21:00

Sinkane is a Sudanese-American musician who blends krautrock, prog rock, electronica, free jazz and funk rock with Sudanese pop. He is signed to City Slang Records.

Polygon x Dietl Archive: Alessandro Cortini + Fred Mann

Prague – TBA (Praha), So 2. listopad 20:00

Alessandro Cortini is best known as a member of Nine Inch Nails, but he's also a prolific solo artist, taking the synthesiser to the highest levels of grandeur. His contemplative ambient pieces are…

Blood Red Shoes + support: Rett Smith

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Po 4. listopad 21:00

Blood Red Shoes are an alternative rock duo from Brighton, England consisting of Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell. They have released four full-length albums, _Box of Secrets_ (2008), _Fire Like…

Kevin Morby + Bedouine

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Út 5. listopad 20:30

Kevin Robert Morby is an American musician, singer and songwriter. Formerly known as the bass guitarist of the folk rock band Woods and as the frontman of The Babies, Morby began a solo career in…


Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), St 6. listopad 20:00

The contemplative electronic pop of Ider is highlighted by the dual lead vocals of songwriters Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, who fall in and out of unison and harmonies. Their typically spare,…

30 Years Anniversary Tour: Tiger Lillies

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), St 6. listopad 20:00

British trio The Tiger Lillies Czech audience is known from 90 years, when the report Martyn Jacques (songwriter, vocals, piano, accordion), Adrian Huge (drums, percussion, toys) and Adrian Stout …

Charli XCX + support: Dorian Electra

Roxy (Praha 1), Čt 14. listopad 20:00

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Storm Club (Praha 3), So 16. listopad 21:00

Mark Wilkinson is a DJ and producer from London. His musical creation is based on the world-famous labels RAM Records, Hospital Records, and Virgin EMI Records. His debut album, _Lasers Not Included_…

Wives + Everest Magma + The Pau

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), So 23. listopad 20:00

The Young Gods

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Út 3. prosinec 19:30

The Young Gods are a Swiss industrial rock band from Fribourg. The band's original lineup consisted of a trio composed by a vocalist, a keyboardist/sampler operator, and a drummer. In 2007, a fourth…

Kapitán Demo

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), So 14. prosinec 20:30

The mysterious masked character, Kapitán Demo, is hiding Burian, known from bands Southpaw and Ghostmother.

Stray From The Path + The Devil Wears Prada + more

MeetFactory (Praha 5), So 21. prosinec 18:00

Stray from the Path is an American hardcore band formed in 2001 in Long Island, New York. They have released seven full-length albums in total. Their first three records were released independently…


Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Pá 21. únor 19:00

Tycho + support: Poolside

Roxy (Praha 1), Ne 23. únor 20:00

Scott Hansen known professionally as Tycho, is an American musician, composer, songwriter and producer. He is also known as ISO50 for his photographic and design work. His music is a combination of…

David Keenan

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), So 28. březen 20:00

David Keenan is an Irish songwriter. His lyrics move on a thin line between poetry and prose. In 2017, David released his first single called _Cobwebs_. Hozier, Glen Hansard, Mick Flannery, Hothouse…


Roxy (Praha 1), Ne 29. březen 20:00

Metronomy is an electronic music group formed by Joseph Mount in Totnes, Devon, England in 1999. The current band consists of Joseph Mount (composer, singer, keyboards and guitar), Oscar Cash …

Lunchmeat Festival 2020

Prague – TBA (Praha), Čt 1. říjen 00:00

Iggy Mayerov + Mayberian Sanskülotts + Gustave Tiger

Klub FAMU (Praha), Po 21. říjen 19:30

Please The Trees

Pragovka Gallery (Praha 9), Út 22. říjen 20:00

With members from all corners of the Czech Republic and different musical backgrounds, Please The Trees is a band full of contrasts. Their sound combines the spirit of everything from Popol Vuh's…

Laco Deczi & Celula New York

Plechárna Černý Most (Praha 14), St 23. říjen 19:00

Trumpet player, composer and band leader Laco Déczi was born in Bernolakovo (close to Bratislava, Slovakia) in 1938. In 1960's he was a member of Karel Velebny's S+HQ. In 1970 he recorded his solo…

Agent Side Grinder + support: Noví Lidé

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), St 23. říjen 20:00

Contemporary wave of bands, which appeared on the wave of post-punk revival, is based primarily - unfortunately - on copying the great predecessors of this style. However, in the case of the Swedish…

Electroforez + Monstra

Café V lese (Praha 10), St 23. říjen 20:00

Elektroforez is a Russian synth-pop group, founded in Saint Petersburg in 2012 by Ivan Kurochkin and Vitaly Talyzin. Since 2016, the group has been actively touring, playing over 100 concerts in…

The Rasmus

Great Hall Lucerna (Praha 1), Čt 24. říjen 18:30

The Ramus have been on stage since the mid-90's. A breakthrough for the Finnish group was the single _In the Shadows_, released in 2003, from their album _Dead Letters_. So far, it is one of the most…

BE27: Manon Meurt + Luvver

Roxy (Praha 1), Čt 24. říjen 19:00

Jesca Hoop + support: Little Husky + Chloe Foy

Café V lese (Praha 10), Čt 24. říjen 19:30

Jessica "Jesca" Ada Hoop is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist, who writes and performs in diverse musical styles. She has released seven albums, two EPs and a collection of acoustic songs.…

Walter Schnitzelsson

Klub Varšava (Praha), So 26. říjen 19:00

Slovak band with a Swedish name of the first born son of the man who gave him all. Playing rock n roll music with the guitars that make them feel really old and odd. Very likely to be seen live up or…

Convictions + Familiar Spirit

Café V lese (Praha 10), Ne 27. říjen 19:00

Convictions is an American Christian metalcore band from Ohio. The band was started in 2012 by Dylan Digby and has consisted of Vocalists Dan Gardner and Michael Felker, Bassist and Vocalist John…


Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Po 28. říjen 19:00

Stef Chura

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Po 28. říjen 20:00

Stef Chura is an American indie rock musician from Detroit, Michigan. Chura released her debut full-length album in 2017 titled _Messes_, to positive reviews from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and…

Tom Walker + support: Declan J Donovan

Roxy (Praha 1), Út 29. říjen 20:00

Tom Walker is a Scottish singer/songwriter who grew up near Manchester and signed with Sony Music’s Relentless Records. He released his debut single _Sun Goes Down_ in March 2016. On 16 May 2017 he…

Half Alive + support: Apre

Rock Café (Praha 1), Čt 31. říjen 20:00

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UpTONE: Pip Blom + support: Black Holes

Cross Club (Praha 7), Čt 31. říjen 20:00

Based in Amsterdam, the very young singer and musician Pip Blom writes, records and releases her own indie-pop tunes with a twist. Although she only started releasing her raw guitar power with catchy…

Leoniden + I Love You Honey Bunny

Rock Café (Praha 1), Pá 1. listopad 00:00

Leoniden are an indie rock band from Kiel, Germany, which has been playing together in its current formation since 2014. The band started as a classic school band with the brothers Lennart (guitar)…

Generace 89: Tata Bojs + Katarzia + more

La Fabrika (Praha 7), So 2. listopad 17:00

Tata Bojs is a Czech band that formed in 1988. The founding members are Mardoša and Milan Cais, and the other permanent members are Vladimír Bár, Dušan Neuwerth, and Jiří Hradil. They won four Angel…

Elderbrook + support: Bratři

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), So 2. listopad 21:00

Alexander Kotz, known professionally as Elderbrook, is a British musician, songwriter and producer. His career as a musician began in 2015, when he released his first EP, which contained the song, …

She Past Away

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), Po 4. listopad 19:00

She Past Away is a Turkish band that is described in articles and critics as the 'new dark wave'. Their music combines elements of the dark, sensational side of the 80s, often associated with bands…

Mannequin Pussy

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Út 5. listopad 20:00

Mannequin Pussy is an American punk rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania signed to Epitaph Records since 2019. They began playing together as a two-piece, comprising guitarist/singer, Marisa…

Sonic Death + support: The Tin Turtles

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Út 5. listopad 20:00

Arsenij The Baptist + support: Dingo

Klub Varšava (Praha), St 6. listopad 18:00

Sundays On Clarendon Road

Café V lese (Praha 10), St 6. listopad 19:30

Hollow Coves + support: Plasi

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Čt 7. listopad 21:00

Hollow Coves is an indie folk band formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2013. Delivering an earthy folk sound, the band meshes simple acoustic melodies, vocal harmonies, and impactful themes. After…

Mr. Kitty + support: Zagami Jericho

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Pá 8. listopad 20:00

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets + Purplefox Town

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Pá 8. listopad 20:30

A four piece psychedelic rock band from Perth (Australia). Psychedelic Porn Crumpets came together in 2014 and have been described by _The Music_ as “resembling Jimi Hendrix fresh off the end of a…

Herbie Hancock

O2 universum (Praha 9), So 9. listopad 20:00

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal + support: Lil Zubin

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Út 12. listopad 20:00

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Café V lese (Praha 10), Út 12. listopad 20:00

Jungstötter is the solo project of German singer-songwriter and musician Fabian Altstötter, better known for his work with the band Sizarr. He recently released his first solo album titled _Love Is._…

Jeremy Loops

Great Hall Lucerna (Praha 1), Čt 14. listopad 19:00

Jeremy Loops is a folk musician from Cape Town, South Africa. As a ‘one man band’, he creates songs live using a loop pedal to layer vocals, guitar, banjo, harmonica, beatboxing and other techniques.…

Tropical Fuck Storm + support: RVG

Café V lese (Praha 10), Čt 14. listopad 19:30

Tropical Fuck Storm (short: TFS) is the new band formed by Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin (from Australia’s epic art punk psych maniacs The Drones) with Lauren Hammel (High Tension) on drums, and…

Alec Benjamin + support: Boy In Space + Delilah Montagu

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Pá 15. listopad 20:00

Alec Benjamin is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He is known for his songs _Paper Crown_, _The Water Fountain_, _End of the Summer_, _Boy in the Bubble_ and _Let Me Down Slowly_.…


Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Ne 17. listopad 20:00

Glen Hansard

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Po 18. listopad 20:00

Glen Hansard is an Irish songwriter, actor, vocalist and guitarist for Irish group The Frames, and one half of folk rock duo The Swell Season. He is also known for his acting, having appeared in the…

Cigarettes After Sex

Roxy (Praha 1), St 20. listopad 20:00

Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient-pop band formed in El Paso, Texas in 2008. The band is headed by Greg Gonzalez (vocals, guitars) and is accompanied by Phillip Tubbs (keyboards), Randy Miller (bass…

Resplandor + Death Ponee

Klubovna (Praha 6), St 20. listopad 20:00

The Regrettes + support: Lauran Hibbert

Rock Café (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 19:00

Fource Entertainment s.r.o. is a live event promoter and producer which strives to deliver the best and most unique concert experiences to both fans and artists. Fource also works with brands to…


Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 20:00

Lamb is a British music band from Manchester formed by pair Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow. In their music, the duo mixes the effects of trip-hop, jazz and drum'n'bass supported by the ethereal vocal of…

The Paper Kites

Rock Café (Praha 1), Po 25. listopad 20:00

The Paper Kites is an indie rock band from Australia. So far they have released 4 albums – the last one, _On The Corner Where You Live,_ was released in September of 2018. On the band's latest album…


Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Po 25. listopad 21:00

Kadebostany is a band formed by DJ/producer Guillaume de Kadebostany, aka President Kadebostan. They achieved chart success with their song _Castle in the Snow_. The band have also become known for…

Boy Harsher + Chasms

Prague – TBA (Praha), Ne 1. prosinec 20:00

Boy Harsher is a minimal synth duo that produces dance beats infused with ethereal vocals. The music created is located somewhere between electro dance, synth-pop and confessional storytelling. Boy…

Royal Republic + support: Blackout Problems

Great Hall Lucerna (Praha 1), Út 3. prosinec 19:00

Royal Republic spread its fame over Sweden because of its explosive energy and irresistible charm with an arsenal of songs that goes through your head like a rocket. Their great concerts and Britpop-…

UpTONE: Amilli

Cross Club (Praha 7), St 4. prosinec 20:00

The singer Amilli grew up in the middle of the Ruhr Area, in Bochum. With a huge dose of soul in her voice and a feeling for unique melodies, she moves over warm beats that remind of Jorja Smith or…


Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), St 4. prosinec 22:00

Plàsi is a Swedish Singer/Songwriter with Greek roots who is characterized by stripped productions based on acoustic guitars and meaningful words. After his studies in Stockholm, Milan, and Vienna…

Film Music Tour 2019 Prague – Moravia Brass Band

Hybernia Theatre (Praha 1), Čt 5. prosinec 19:00

Any Given Day + Landmvrks + special guest

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Čt 5. prosinec 20:00

Any Given Day is a metalcore/djent band from Gelsenkirchen, Germany, founded in 2012. Metal Hammer categorized Any Given Day as being metal core, with elements of progressive metal, djent and groove…

Jordan Mackampa

Café V lese (Praha 10), So 7. prosinec 19:30

Originally Jordan Mackampa comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He grew up then between London and an industrial city called Coventry. Like a heavy pendulum, he is always accompanied by a…


Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Ne 8. prosinec 21:00

Skindred is a five member British band from Newport (Gwent), founded in 1998. They combine the music styles reggae, metal, hip-hop and elements of punk. The band was formed by the three former Dub…


Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Út 10. prosinec 20:00

Belgrado are another great representative of Barcelona's punk scene. Members Infame, Etacarinae and other bands but this time playing a brilliant dark punk which miss how strong melodies and strange,…

Bert & Friends (křest alba) + afterparty

MeetFactory (Praha 5), St 11. prosinec 19:00

Tata Bojs

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Čt 12. prosinec 20:00

Tata Bojs is a Czech band that formed in 1988. The founding members are Mardoša and Milan Cais, and the other permanent members are Vladimír Bár, Dušan Neuwerth, and Jiří Hradil. They won four Angel…

Kollektiv Turmstrasse + support: Brina Knauss

Roxy (Praha 1), Pá 13. prosinec 23:00

Cristian and Nico are on the scene of the newbies and since 2000, flooding the music world a unique productions on labels Connaisseur, issued their own Musik gewinnt Freunde and lately mainly…

Tamaryn + support: Some Ember

Café V lese (Praha 10), So 11. leden 20:00

Tamaryn Brown, known as simply Tamaryn, is a New Zealand singer and songwriter based in the United States. Since 2008, Tamaryn has released three studio albums, an EP and several singles. Her…

(Sandy) Alex G

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Po 24. únor 20:00

Alexander Giannascoli, better known by his stage name (Sandy) Alex G or Alex G, is a multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia who started his career as a bedroom singer/songwriter, building up an…

Jade Bird + support: Ferris & Sylvester

NoD (Praha 1), Po 2. březen 20:00

Jade Elizabeth Bird is a British singer/songwriter and musician who started publishing her own music in 2015. Her debut EP _Something American_ was released in July 2017. The Rolling Stone Magazine…

Chelsea Wolfe (US/ Sargent House)

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), St 11. březen 20:00

The Californian vocalist and songwriter and songwriter Chelsea Wolfe likes to describe his music as "doom-folk". Has performed all over the world with various artists. She worked, among others, with…

Žižkovská Noc 2020

Prague – various venues (Praha), Čt 26. březen 00:00

Giant Rooks

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Pá 15. květen 20:00

Fource Entertainment s.r.o. is a live event promoter and producer which strives to deliver the best and most unique concert experiences to both fans and artists. Fource also works with brands to…

BCO v Praze aneb Pražské jaro

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Praha 7), St 20. květen 19:30

File BCO - Brno ContemporaryOrchestra was founded in 2011 to play the current world music in the Czech Republic and Czech music around the world (with overlaps to the music of the 20th century). They…

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