Koncerty v Praze

O tom, že je kultura v Praze nesmírně bohatá se lze dočíst na několika místech ať už v nesčetném množství turistických průvodců nebo na několika serverech na internetu. Můžete se o tom přesvědčit třeba na stránkách, které mapují jak vypadá kultura v Praze. Náš server "koncerty v Praze" se zaměřuje jen jednu oblast kultury a tou je především hudba. V Praze se každý den koná přibližně čtyřicítka koncertů různého žánrového zaměření. Nejvíce je Praha pověstná svými jazzovými kluby a jejich koncerty. Nezřídka kdy však v Praze vystoupí i takové hvězdy jako Sting, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers nebo třeba Cold Play. Ale konec řečí. Ponořme se do víru hudby. Pokud vám tento výběr nestačí navštivte stránku koncerty Praha. Naleznete tam mnohem víc. V letní sezóně jsou obzvláště důležité taktéž festivaly.

Výběr nejlepších koncertů:

Mesh Showcase 2023: Max Cooper + Alex Banks + Llyr

MeetFactory (Praha 5), So 1. duben 21:00

Max Cooper, born 1980, is a London-based producer of electronic and techno music who has been releasing music since 2007. Since then, he has released more than seventy original tracks and remixes and…

Piano Day

Klementinum (Praha 1), St 29. březen 19:00

Carlos Cipa is a German musician and composer residing in Munich who fell under the spell of music at the age of six. Gradually, he learned to play the piano under the supervision of renowned masters…

Pantha Du Prince + badfocus

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3-Žižkov), Pá 31. březen 19:30

Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha Du Prince, Panthel and Glühen 4 is a German producer, composer and conceptual artist for electro, techno, house, minimal and noise affiliated with Hamburg's Dial…

The Serfs + guests

Bike Jesus (Praha 7-Štvanice), So 1. duben 20:00

The Serfs are retro with everything that makes good retro so appealing. Their latest album *Primal Matter* takes listeners back to a time that was musically dangerous, adventurous and sexy. Perverted…

Ambient Session – Holky: Tokyo Drift + Viah

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Ne 2. duben 20:00

Tristan and Iseult

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Po 3. duben 19:30

Berg Orchestra – Listen 2x / Clara Iannotta

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Po 3. duben 19:30

Berg Orchestra has a specific mission of promoting new music. The orchestra performs not only at regular concert halls but is constantly searching for new spaces for contemporary music. It also mixes…


Vzlet (Praha 10 – Vršovice), Po 3. duben 20:30

VILA live: Metastavy (křest alba) + Cringe Prince + Janko Bačí

Divadlo VILA Štvanice (Praha), St 5. duben 19:00

The Prague quartet Metastavy plays a mix of soul, jazz and hip hop completed by lyrics written by frontwoman Anna Hokešová that are gently spoken rather than rapped. The lyrics don’t fear intimacy,…

Hudba o Třetí: Lukáš Dvořák

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), So 8. duben 15:00

Mathias Grassow + Arovane

CAMP (Praha 2 – Nové Město), Pá 14. duben 20:00

Mathias Grassow is a German ambient musician whose recordings can also be classified in the genres of dark ambient and drone ambient.

Yo La Tengo

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Po 24. duben 20:00

Trio named Yo La Tengo playing in the composition of Ira ​​Kaplan (guitars, piano, vocals), Georgia Hubley (drums, piano, vocals) and James McNew (bass, vocals) managed for almost thirty years of…

Calum Scott

Roxy (Praha 1), Ne 30. duben 20:00

Selection has been a promoter and organizer of music events of both emerging talents and renowned artists since 2015. They love promoting smaller club events for only dozens of enthusiasts as well as…

NLE Choppa

Malá sportovní hala (Praha 7), Pá 5. květen 20:00

NLE Choppa is an American rapper from Memphis, who became famous thanks to the success of his track *Shotta Flow*, which lived to see five sequels. Choppa has collaborated with Chief Keef, Roddy…

The Mission – Night One

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), So 13. květen 21:00

The Mission – Night Two

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Ne 14. květen 21:00


Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), St 17. květen 20:00

In Prague’s alternative music scene, few acts have left as strong a mark during the last ten years as post-hudba, an electro-pop duo composed of singer-songwriter Dominik Zezula and producer Tomáš…

Martin Kohlstedt

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3-Žižkov), Čt 18. květen 20:00

Petr Popelka & Daniel Müller-Schott

Czech Radio (Praha 2), Ne 11. červen 19:30

My Kind of Summer: Foals

Žluté lázně (Praha 4), St 28. červen 19:00

Foals is a rock band from Oxford, England that was formed in 2005. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Yannis Philippakis, drummer and percussionist Jack Bevan, rhythm guitarist Jimmy…

PRSO & Brad Mehldau

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Ne 15. říjen 19:30

One of the most lyrical and intimate voices in contemporary jazz piano, Brad Mehldau has received critical acclaim as a solo artist, bandleader, and composer, and has been noted for his…

Eyes Set To Kill + support: Psycho Village

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), Út 28. březen 19:30

SOS Turkey and Syria

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3-Žižkov), St 29. březen 18:30

King No-One + homeoffice

Bike Jesus (Praha 7-Štvanice), St 29. březen 20:00

My všichni tady a teď: post-hudba + Dukla + support

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Čt 30. březen 20:00

In Prague’s alternative music scene, few acts have left as strong a mark during the last ten years as post-hudba, an electro-pop duo composed of singer-songwriter Dominik Zezula and producer Tomáš…

Stabat Mater

Kostel sv. Jindřicha a Kunhuty (Praha 1-Nové Město), Pá 31. březen 19:30

Choir Siloam rose from the ashes of corps school of parks in Prague in 1992. During the first years, when the file was looking for a common heartbeat and the sound worked with many conductors and…

Heartnoize10: Heith + Vojtěch Havel + Anna Ruth

Venuše ve Švehlovce (Praha), So 1. duben 19:30

Leave it to an Italian musician to find a way to melt Renaissance concepts into abstract compositions that absorb elements of freak folk, rave and doom metal. Heith is Milanese producer Daniele…

Just Mustard + support: Myncryst

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), So 1. duben 20:00

Rare Americans + support: I Love You Honey Bunny

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Ne 2. duben 20:00

Crooked & Catchy. The band started on a whim two years ago when brothers James and Jared Priestner took an impromptu trip to the Caribbean. 10 days later the first Rare Americans record was born.…

Aldous Harding + support: H. Hawkline

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3-Žižkov), Út 4. duben 19:30

Aldous Harding is a self-described "gothic folk" singer-songwriter from Lyttelton, New Zealand. She has been represented by independent record labels Flying Nun Records and Lyttelton Records. Harding…

Kim Churchill

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), Čt 6. duben 20:00

Kim Churchill is an Australian folk, rock, and blues singer, songwriter, and musician. He has released six albums: *With Sword and Shield* and *Kim Churchill* in 2010, *Detail of Distance* in 2012, …

The Last Internationale + support: Taipei Huston

Rock Café (Praha 1), Čt 6. duben 20:00

The Last Internationale, also known as TLI, is a NY band formed by singer Delila Paz and guitarist Edgey. Their 3rd studio album, *TLI 3*, is scheduled for release on March 31, 2023. It features Joey…

Jerusalem in My Heart + Víz

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Čt 6. duben 20:00

Jerusalem In My Heart was founded in 2005 by the Lebanese producer Radwana Ghazi Moumneh (he produced, for example, Matany Roberts's last album) - has been heavily involved with the Canadian…

We Are Scientists + special guest: Liz Lawrence

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Pá 7. duben 19:00

Sama' Abdulhadi

Roxy (Praha 1), Pá 7. duben 23:00

Sama Abdulhadi is referred to by some as the "Queen of the Palestinian techno scene", her pseudonym means "heaven" in Arabic. Sama' is a DJ, producer and promoter who started her career in 2006. A…

Dragged Under + special guests: As Everything Unfolds + Homesick

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Ne 9. duben 19:00

Lil Tjay

Malá sportovní hala (Praha 7), Ne 9. duben 20:00

Tione Jayden Merritt, known professionally as Lil Tjay, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His debut studio album *True 2 Myself* was released in October 2019. The album debuted at number…

Russ Millions

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Po 10. duben 19:00

Russ Millions is a British rapper and one of the more popular representatives of UK drill. One of Russ Millions' biggest hits is the track *Body*, recorded in collaboration with Tion Wayne, which has…

Alina Pash

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), Út 11. duben 20:00

Alina Pash is a 100% Bitanga (from the ruthenian dialect “Hooligan”) who breaks the system of old stereotypes spread worldwide. An authentic style of the singer is a mix of electronic music, hip-hop,…

David Eugene Edwards

MeetFactory (Praha 5), St 12. duben 20:00

David Eugene Edwards, born 24 February, 1968 in Englewood, Colorado, is an American musician. He is the lead singer of Wovenhand, and also the main songwriter and the principal musician on the…

Tetelení: Petr Nikl + Jaroslav Kořán + and more

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), St 12. duben 20:00

Artist, writer, illustrator, musician and dramatist. Nikl’s father was a painter and his mother was a doll designer. He studied at the secondary school of applied arts in Uherské Hradiště and at the…

Unhappybirthday + Obligatne + Sundrinker

Klubovna (Praha 6), Čt 13. duben 19:00

Labello: Flexbus Tour

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Čt 13. duben 20:00

Rising Star of Czech Autotune Cloud Rap. Novice & Classic.

Oran Etkin & band

Jazz Dock (Praha 5-Smíchov), Pá 14. duben 19:00

Jazzman from NYC, an accomplished clarinetist and holder of the Grammy Awards. His music absorbes influences from Africa, the far East, Europe, and Israel, where he was born.

Lunchmeat x MeetFactory: Tim Hecker + Never Sol + more

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Pá 14. duben 20:00

Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and…

Piano Babylon

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), So 15. duben 20:00

Artist, writer, illustrator, musician and dramatist. Nikl’s father was a painter and his mother was a doll designer. He studied at the secondary school of applied arts in Uherské Hradiště and at the…

Yzomandias + Nik Tendo + more

Roxy (Praha 1), So 15. duben 20:00

Yzomandias, formerly also known by the nickname Logic, is a Czech rapper and one of the founders of the label Million + Entertainment (formerly known as YZO Empire), which operates under the same…


Bike Jesus (Praha 7-Štvanice), Ne 16. duben 20:00

Welshly Arms + support: Tors

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Út 18. duben 21:00

Welshly Arms is an American blues rock band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States. The band has been active since their debut in 2013 with the EP *Welcome*. The following year, they released a covers…

Kalaallit Nunaat + Fetch! + Všetuly Sfinx

Underdogs’ Ballroom (Praha 5), St 19. duben 19:00

Kalaallit Nunaat, founded in 2018 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, combine their love for noise, post-punk, shoegaze and krautrock into a hypnotising wall of sound. With music best enjoyed in a cold…

Bratři Ebenové

Barikádník Cultural House (Praha 10), Čt 20. duben 20:00

Bratři Ebenové (Eben Brothers), sons of composer Petr Eben and nephews of Ilja Hirník, do not belong to any specific style of music. Marek's combination of guitar, Kryštof's piano or flute, clarinet…

Brutalismus 3000

SaSaZu (Praha 7), Čt 20. duben 20:00

Brutalismus 3000 is a post-techno punk duo based in Berlin, with Slovakian and Greek roots. They started making music in 2020 when Theo Zeitner and Victoria Vassiliki Daldas met on *Tinder*. Together…

Chantal Poullain: Chansony

Metro Theatre (Praha 1), Čt 27. duben 19:00

Chantal Poullain is popular Czech-French film and theater actress. She graduated from the Theatre Academy in Geneva, then studied in England, played in several French and Swiss television movies. She…

The Grogans

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), Po 29. květen 19:30

Genre-expanding outfit The Grogans are a trio of best friends from Melbourne who explore nuanced manoeuvres in surf, punk, blues, garage, psych, rockabilly and reggae. Banding together in high school…

Ondřej Havelka a jeho Melody Makers

Museum Kampa (Praha 1), Ne 18. červen 19:00

Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers (Czech: Ondřej Havelka a jeho Melody Makers) or simply The Melody Makers, is a Czech retro-band, playing American "jazz standards" and Central European jazz and…

Touché Amoré + support: Boneflower

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), St 21. červen 20:00

Touché Amoré is an American post-hardcore band that was formed in 2007. The band consists of lead vocalist Jeremy Bolm, guitarists Clayton Stevens and Nick Steinhardt, with Tyler Kirby on bass guitar…


Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Ne 15. říjen 21:00

The members of Irish band Inhaler met at school in Dublin. Elijah Hewson, Robert Keating, Ryan McMahon and Josh Jenkinson quickly realized they shared a love for the same kind of music - dirty rock…

Filharmoniště: Sólo pro hoboj (pro děti 0–⁠3 let)

New Town Hall (Praha 2), Čt 30. březen 09:30

A Place To Bury Strangers

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Út 30. květen 21:00

A Place to Bury Strangers is a band from New York, known for their loud and heavy, noise rock-influenced approach to shoegaze and psych rock. The band's current line-up consists of sole permanent…

James Holden

MeetFactory (Praha 5), So 13. květen 20:00

Holden started his career in 1999 at age 19, when he released the trance single *Horizons*, which he created with the freeware software Buzz. After this he released numerous singles and remixes on…

Mladí ladí fest 2023

Holešovice Market (Praha 7), So 28. říjen 16:00

Growing up in Newham, East London, Alfa Mist began his musical journey as a grime and hip hop producer. The self-taught pianist and sometimes rapper soon found himself drawn to the jazz, world music…

Metronome Prague 2023

Holešovice Exhibition Grounds (Praha 7), Čt 22. červen 12:00

Jamiroquai is a British jazz-funk band from London, formed in 1992. Fronted by singer-songwriter Jay Kay, the group has changed its line-up several times. Derrick McKenzie (drums) and Sola Akingbola …

XVIII. Prague Gothic Treffen

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Pá 25. srpen 12:00

Golden Apes are a German post punk band from Berlin founded in 1998. The band name is based on a word play which refers to Friedrich Nietzsche's *Thus Spoke Zarathustra*. The hallmark of the band are…


Palac Akropolis (Praha 3-Žižkov), St 29. březen 19:30

Tamikrest is a band, whose members belong to the Tuareg people. The band was founded in 2006. They mix traditional Tuareg music with western-influenced elements of rock and pop. They sing in…


Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Ne 14. květen 20:00

Bolero, Carmina Burana

Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), Út 28. březen 19:00

The Czech Collegium Orchestra, which was founded in 1996 and is composed primarily of the leading musicians of the Symphony Orchestra FOK. He is both chamber and symphonic music of all periods. Among…

Risk It + Combust + more

Rock Café (Praha 1), Út 28. březen 19:30

King of the Beats: Krafty Kuts + Plump DJs + Freestylers + more

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Út 28. březen 20:00

Martin Reeves aka Krafty Kuts-Finger Lickin' label matador British and winner of numerous international prizes in 2011 on Reflex Cannabic Cup. Under the weight of his talent with styles such as funk,…

Cult of Luna + Russian Circles + Svalbard

Roxy (Praha 1), St 29. březen 17:00

For years, Cult of Luna has been one of the leading forces in the world post-metal scene. The band is constantly evolving, pushing genre boundaries from album to album to discover the darkest and…

To nejlepší z české a světové hudby

Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), St 29. březen 19:00

The Czech Collegium Orchestra, which was founded in 1996 and is composed primarily of the leading musicians of the Symphony Orchestra FOK. He is both chamber and symphonic music of all periods. Among…

Václav Koubek & kapela

Kamina Boat (Karlín), St 29. březen 19:00

Vaclav Koubek is a Czech singer and accordionist, writer, actor and director. Since 2002, he holds annual festival of music songwriters called *Hudebni sklepy*.

Veselý koncert pro Asgent: Hafotet + Sedmihlásek

Prayer Evangelical Church (Praha 2), St 29. březen 19:00

Kapitáni Průmyslu (křest alba) + Jiří Imlauf

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), St 29. březen 19:30

Captains of Industry is a young Prague band, whose work is marked by an astounding aesthetic counterpoint, enabling musicians smoothly and without remorse cross between straightforward alternative…

Soul to Soul: Michal Bystrov + Jan Řepka

Studio Paměť (Praha 1), St 29. březen 19:30

Czech singer Michal Bystrov comes from the journalistic family, but never could not decide whether to write more, or play, and so it just rotates according to your mood. Born in Vrsovice, went to…

Youlie + Nevergreen

Elpíčko (Praha 8 – Libeň), St 29. březen 19:30

Frankie & The Deadbeats + Tim Vantol + more

Club 007 Strahov (Praha 6), Čt 30. březen 18:00

Culture Element: Emotionally Spoonfed + Joy & Pleasure + more

Underdogs’ Ballroom (Praha 5), Čt 30. březen 18:00


Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), Čt 30. březen 19:00

The Czech Collegium Orchestra, which was founded in 1996 and is composed primarily of the leading musicians of the Symphony Orchestra FOK. He is both chamber and symphonic music of all periods. Among…

Robert Křesťan & Druhá tráva

Barikádník Cultural House (Praha 10), Čt 30. březen 19:00

Robert Christian is a Czech singer, mandolin player, composer and translator. He played in bluegrass groups Trapero and pilgrims, and currently plays in the second group of bluegrass banjo player…

Stop, Look & Listen: Selector Boldrik

Studio Paměť (Praha 1), Čt 30. březen 19:00

Experienced reggae DJ Boldrik selector and also the MC is on the domestic scene very well known. Harvest crew member performs both individually and as a music DJ many Czech reggae singers. During the…

Trio Bohémo: Svatovavřinecká koncertní sezóna

Church of St. Lawrence (Praha 1), Čt 30. březen 19:30

FDK + Nuummite

Café V lese (Praha 10-Vršovice), Čt 30. březen 19:30

Ivan Hlas Trio

KD Mlejn (Praha 5), Čt 30. březen 19:30

Sto zvířat

Rock Café (Praha 1), Čt 30. březen 20:00

In the fall of 2010, Skupina Sto celebrated their 20th anniversary of formation. The band was founded in 1990 as a project of Jan Kalina (drums, vocals, songwriter) and Thomas Belka (tenor saxophone,…

Poly-Math + Nachttante

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Čt 30. březen 20:00

Virtuosi di San Nicola

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Pá 31. březen 18:00

The Baboon Show + support

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Pá 31. březen 19:00

The Baboon Show is a Swedish punk rock band. Singer Cecilia Boström, drummer Niclas Svensson, bassist Frida Ståhl a guitarist Håkan Sörle are touring together since 2003.

Artific + Duomy

Potrvá (Praha 6), Pá 31. březen 19:00

Houslové sonáty mistrů 19. a 20. století

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), Pá 31. březen 19:00

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