Koncerty v Praze

Folk je hodně spjatý s přírodou, pobytem v ní a klidnou atmosférou, což je jakoby v rozporu s hlučnou, auty přeplněnou Prahou, kde každý někam pospíchá a nikde se nezastaví. A přesto lze v Praze najít místa, ve kterých se jakoby čas zastavil a panovala poklidná atmosféra. A dokonce takových míst není vůbec málo. Posuďte sami jak moc je Praha bohatá na folkové koncerty. Přestaňte v Praze alespoň na chvilku chvátat a užijte si pohodový večer na koncertě.

Folkové koncerty:

První hoře

Klub Varšava (Praha), Čt 21. listopad 19:00

Leprous + Port Noir + The Ocean

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Čt 21. listopad 18:00

Leprous is a Norwegian Progressive Metal band from Notodden that was founded in 2001. In the years 2004 and 2006 they released demos, which allowed the band to increase their profile. In August 2008,…

Robert Balzar Trio

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 21:00

Robert Balzar Trio was founded in 1996 and since then has recorded four original albums. The trio has long cooperated with one of the most popular Czech singers Dan Barta. Together they released the…

Bad Karma Boy + Role

Café V lese (Praha 10), Čt 21. listopad 19:30

Bad Karma Boy (alt-pop, SVK) write songs based on minimalistic guitar lines that span around psychedelic keys & synths landscapes. These are complemented by layered vocals and arrangements that…

Profanatica + Demonomancy + Bahratal

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Čt 21. listopad 19:00

Profanatica is a black metal band from New York. They are among the American black metal bands to have emerged early during the second wave of black metal, and under the direction of Paul Ledney they…

Patrik Stoupa + Tereza Benešová + Renata Drössler

Vinárna V Bobuli (Praha 5 – Smíchov), Čt 21. listopad 19:30

United Flavour (album release)

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 21:00

United Flavour An eclectic band with energetic music and poignant lyrics served up by charismatic Spanish front-woman Carmen and six experienced international musicians (Ivory Coast, USA, Czech…

Monsters & Motherships + Rise of Surya

Rock Café (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 20:00

Duo Eco & Gabriela Filippi: Romantické ozvěny v melodramu

Chodovská tvrz (Praha 4), Čt 21. listopad 19:00

Prague Mozart Trio

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 17:00

Prague Mozart Trio was formed in 1991 from a serious player interest in chamber music. File has in its repertoire, mostly pieces of old Czech masters, which are systematically being discovered in our…

Bára Basiková & Lament

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Čt 21. listopad 19:30

Ivo Jahelka & Miroslav Paleček

KD Mlejn (Praha 5), Čt 21. listopad 19:30

Folk singer Ivo Andrew J is known as the singing lawyer. Graduated from the Faculty of law at Charles University in Prague and gained the title JUDr. He began to know who specialises in setting…


KC Zahrada (Praha 11), Čt 21. listopad 20:00

Shanna Waterstown Band

Agharta Jazz Centre (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 20:00

In 1994, Shanna's talent was discovered by a French producer, and her first single was distributed in 75,000 copies. She has performed all over France and many European countries. She was honored to…

The Best Of World And Czech Music

St. George's Basilica (Praha 1 ), Čt 21. listopad 16:30

Oldřich Janota

Kastan (Praha 6), Čt 21. listopad 20:00

Schrödingerova kočka + Chapadla

Klubovna (Praha 6), Čt 21. listopad 19:30

Vasilův rubáš

Academy of Fine Arts (Praha), Čt 21. listopad 21:00

The pair played for the intellectual, thoughtful audience. After the rush of a new wave of inspiration, however, does not offend or arch-punk fans. Unlike competing groupings flamboyantly ignores…

Circus Problem

Academy of Fine Arts (Praha), Čt 21. listopad 19:45

Little group of punk clowns decided to start a kind of music Circus. This project is combination of balkan, disco beats and cheep pop. We have a new album. We are rocking the house in many clubs in…

Muzikanti bez domova

Academy of Fine Arts (Praha), Čt 21. listopad 17:30

Nerium + Abarbar + Mysthica

Modrá Vopice (Praha 9), Čt 21. listopad 19:00

Janet Feinstein & Robin Finesilver

Galerie Jakubska (Praha), Čt 21. listopad 19:45

Jazz Elements

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Čt 21. listopad 20:00

München Konflikt + Traashboo

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), Pá 22. listopad 19:30

Patten + Robert Curgenven & Kat McDowall

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Pá 22. listopad 20:30

Moonlight Meadow + Runabout

Klubovna (Praha 6), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Moonlight Meadow is a Polish band playing cold wave and new wave music.

Himalayan Dalai Lama

Café V lese (Praha 10), Pá 22. listopad 19:30

Himalayan Dalai Lama are electronic music and live instruments, two people on one stage. Originated at the beginning of the year 2014 after the crumbling of the bands The Hydes and Luis Buñuel.…

Malokarpatan + Vircolac + more

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Pá 22. listopad 18:00

Malokarpatan conquers the peaks of annual metal summaries with its materials, it also reaches the heights of rock'n'roll'n'roll's intransigence. Tradition first of all: oldschool black metal merges…

Sametové minuty: -123min. + Symfonický orchestr hl. m. Prahy FOK

Municipal House (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 19:30

Mikroskop: Bushwacka! + Reedale Rise + more

Cross Club (Praha 7), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Formerly known as Matthew B during the UK acid house explosion of the 80s, Bushwacka! was then one half of seminal tech house duo Layo & Bushwacka! Now his latest project is in a new musical…

Martin Kyšperský

Klub Letka (Praha 7), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Martin Eugene Kyšperský Brno is a singer, composer, songwriter, record producer-arranger (Mucha, Cermaque), composer for the theater (DNO Theatre, Marta, Zlín City Theatre), writer (Lenka Dusilová)…

Bounder: James Cole + White Russian + more

Storm Club (Praha 3), Pá 22. listopad 21:00

James Cole is a Czech singer, rapper, musician, and poet, performing under many different names and projects. He entered the scene with his debut solo album, _Frequency P.H.A.T._, which was quite…

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

František Šťastný & Miroslav Laštovka

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 17:00

Imagination Festival 2019

PVA Expo Prague Letnany (Praha 9), Pá 22. listopad 00:00

Hermès Karel Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Checkpoint (křest alba) + Sendwitch + more

Rock Café (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

CheckPoint is a Prague-rock band, which dates its origin in early 2004. Several of their members already knew from working in other bands rehearsed band and therefore was not long before the band set…

Giorgia Angiuli

Roxy (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 23:00

Born in Puglia, also known as the heel of Italy’s boot, Giorgia is a classically trained musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Very early on she developed a strong interest for electronic…


Great Hall Lucerna (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Mydy Rabycad + N.O.H.A.

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Mydy Rabycad is a Czech electro swing band, which consists of four members: Dařbujánová Sophie (vocals), Nicholas Pejcha (saxophone, vocals), Jan Drabek (bass) Nero Scartch (synthesizers).

Vemzu × Puma Playground

Swim (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Klubovna Friday Night: Štěpán Urban + Brighter Days + more

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Mrakoplaš + FreeQ

Carpe Diem (Praha 3), Pá 22. listopad 19:30

Mrakoplas (Rincewind) is a band on the edge between genres of blues, boogie and folk. You can them regularly in Prague clubs Balbínova poetic tavern, Rybanaruby, Blues cellar, and at many summer…

FVZZ Popvli + Trahir + more

Modrá Vopice (Praha 9), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

The trio of Fuzz Populi comes from the Italian capital, as you can guess from the relief-plastic portrait on the cover and the Latin typeface. The band is a mixture of Heavy Psych, Kraut and Space…

Balkan Fiesta: Lovesong Orchestra + Mário Bihári + more

Café NONA (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 21:30

Space Rap: Starprince + JPQ + more

OrWell (Praha 8 – Horní Libeň), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Ondřej Kyas + Aleš Pilgr

Potrvá (Praha 6), Pá 22. listopad 19:30

Sylvie Krobová, Jana Vébrová

Kastan (Praha 6), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Sylvie is Krobová Czech chanson singer and actress. Since childhood, Sylvia Krobová was about theater, music and art in general. She studied opera singing at the State Conservatory. Sylvie Krobová,…

Los Quemados

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 21:00

Jazz quintet, sometimes sextet, playing fusion - a peppermint blend of jazz with elements of funk, latino, african music, and bop. They usually play songs of their own.


Balbín poetic pub (Praha 2), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

Jarabáci is a Czech folk band, which operates on the Czech scene for almost fifteen years. During that time has undergone dramatic development of the folk trio over noisy jazz-folk-beat formation to…

Rehab + Afternoon + The Selfburn

Balada Bar (Praha), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Tribute to World Legends: Ella Fitzgerald

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 21:30

Singer, songwriter, composer, a window-dresser. Born in Brno, after graduating from the grammar school moved to Prague, where she studied at the school of social and legal as soon as possible, and…


Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Pá 22. listopad 21:30

The Run Up + Typesetter

Na pul cesty Café (Praha 4), Pá 22. listopad 20:00

The Run Up are a 5-piece melodic punk rock band from Bristol (UK), consisting of Larry (vocals), Loz (guitar), Charlie (guitar), Harry (drums) and Daniel (bass). The band was formed in the autumn…

2v1 + Basta Fidel

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Yvonne Sanchez Band

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Pá 22. listopad 22:00

Well-known Polish-Cuban jazz vocalist with a honey-smooth voice that charmed audiences around the world. You will hear as jazz standards and Brazilian music as soul and author songs from the album …

Agharta Band

Agharta Jazz Centre (Praha 1), Pá 22. listopad 21:00

Hard Adam's expressive, multi-genre guitarist with an excellent rhythm section, who plays his own compositions and original compositions and interpretations of accepted jazz standards. Adam is active…

Jazz of Four Continents: Masaa

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Pá 22. listopad 19:00

Wives + Everest Magma + The Pau

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), So 23. listopad 20:00

Injury Reserve + support: Taylor Skye

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 20:00

Injury Reserve is an Arizona hip hop trio formed in 2013. The group consists of rappers Stepa J. Groggs and Ritchie With a T, and producer Parker Corey. In 2015, the group self-released _Live from…

Mike Stern & Jeff Lorber Fusion Project + more

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 19:30

Mike Stern is an American jazz guitarist who started his musical career in the early 80s in ensembles led by trumpeter Miles Davis. He played with such jazz icons such as saxophonists Stan Getz and…

Ghost of You

Café V lese (Praha 10), So 23. listopad 19:30

Ghost of You is a band of young lads coming from Brno, who resolved to officially release a debut album with Indies Scope after two years of relentless live performing. Their original sound has been…

Fiddler's Green + Pirates of the Pubs (album release)

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), So 23. listopad 19:30

Fiddler's Green is a German folk rock band from Erlangen founded in 1990. The band calls their genre Irish Speedfolk. In addition to original compositions, Irish jigs, reels and traditionals are…


Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), So 23. listopad 19:30

Longital is a Slovak trio composed of Shina (vocals, bass), Daniel Salontay (vocals, guitar, string) and Marián Slávka (drums, piano). The creators of song images consisting of rock, folk, personal…

Kabaret zkázy

Prostor39 (Praha 3), So 23. listopad 19:00

Duck Out: Filthy Habits + Upfockerz + more

Storm Club (Praha 3), So 23. listopad 21:00

Filthy Habits are a Drum and Bass DJ/Producer duo from Birmingham/Wolverhampton consisting of Switchdoctor & Illusion.

Tom Smith International Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 19:00

Zuzana Němečková & Věra Likérová

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 17:00

Prague String Orchestra

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 20:00

Prague String Orchestra was founded in 1993 by artistic director Tom Clare. It is a chamber ensemble comprised of members of the orchestra of the National Theatre in Prague. The orchestra recorded…

Underrated: Refew + Mladej Moris + more

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), So 23. listopad 21:00

Refew is no longer a newcomer on the scene. Since 2014, he has been able to release 4 CDs (_From Spot_, _On Credit_, _Ofiko_, _Blakkout_) and two digital projects (_Blackcock EP_, _Blakkkak EP_). He…

Ruchadze Band

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 20:00

Group Ruchadze Band was at the turn of the sixties and seventies, and its first gig was at the club Strahov No.1. Success then harvested with the interpretation of soul and blues classics. Its main…

Čerstvě natřeno: Divoký sny MF + Štěpán Soukup + more

Music Club Jižák (Praha 4), So 23. listopad 17:00

The Best of Czech and World Music

Church of St. Martin in the Wall (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 17:00


Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), So 23. listopad 19:00

Hemdendienst It's a big group existing for about 30 years, and raising hell in Nurembergs sub-cultural scene in different temporary locations with everything from vinyl dj parties and concerts to…

Zimmer Frei: Jarda Petřík

Swim (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 22:00

Jan Burian

Kastan (Praha 6), So 23. listopad 20:00

Jan Burian is a Czech singer-songwriter, who since 1970 has climbed to nearly four thousand concerts, mostly solo accompanied by piano, but also in various formations. Currently, among other acts in…

Depeche Mode Blasphemous Party: Depeche Mode Revival + Dark Mood: Rock Tribute to Depeche Mode

Rock Café (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 19:00

Julius Baroš Quintet

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 21:00

This combo comprises three generations and is inspired by the music of fifties and sixties. The leader Julius Baroš is an excellent trumpeter known for his work with, for example, Laco Deczi or…

Smack One + P Money + special guests: Wiley + Manga + Rude Kid

Roxy (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 21:00

Smack, birthname Jakub Janeček and also known professionally as Smack One, has been a music lover since childhood. He has been working since 2005. He has been trying to bring new techniques to the…


Balbín poetic pub (Praha 2), So 23. listopad 20:00

Body is a Czech folk-rock band that got together in autumn 1992, this time even under a different name. Among the founding members of the band mates were John Skrbek, Martin hurried and Lada stirrup.

Fewer Owls + Shrewd Auntie

007 Strahov (Praha 6), So 23. listopad 19:00


Klubovna (Praha 6), So 23. listopad 20:30

Večírek V Baladě: Konieckoncov + Vychcaný Knedlíky + Knedlofil

Balada Bar (Praha), So 23. listopad 19:00

Raufhandel + Life Scars + more

Modrá Vopice (Praha 9), So 23. listopad 19:00

Rene Trossman Little-Big Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 21:30

Rene Trossman is a guitar player with a long history in Blues Music. Since turning pro in 1985 Rene has just about done it all. The fantastic Chicago club scene, where he was a regular at both South…

CCMS – Prague Guitar Quartet

Liechtenstein Palace (Praha 1 – Malá Strana), So 23. listopad 10:30

The Prague Guitar Quartet was founded at the Prague Conservatory of Music in 1984, and before long it won the acclaim of audiences both at home and abroad. As a first-class ensemble whose individual…

Mezcla Orquesta

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), So 23. listopad 22:00

Music group Mezcla Orquesta is a combination of Cuban and Czech professional musicians. They have been active at the Czech scene since 2008. Their focus is on traditional Latin American music with…

Fanfán Tulipán

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), So 23. listopad 19:00

The band, whose genre is for its playfulness sometimes referred to as "Kinder Jazz", was established in 2009 by Eliska Svobodova, student composition at the Conservatory of J. Jezek. From this school…

František Uhlíř Team

Agharta Jazz Centre (Praha 1), So 23. listopad 21:00

After opening the world of East European, appeared on the jazz scene is still less known groups whose skills could come in a wider acquaintance and application. One of them is the quartet of…


Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 20:00

Lamb is a British music band from Manchester formed by pair Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow. In their music, the duo mixes the effects of trip-hop, jazz and drum'n'bass supported by the ethereal vocal of…


DOX⁺ (Praha – Holešovice), Ne 24. listopad 19:00

A seven-member German ensemble of contemporary music, whose members are: Erik Borgir – cello, Andrew Digby – trombone, Florian Hoelscher – piano, Julian Belli – drums, Boris Müller – drums, Markus…

Vladimír Mišík (album release)

Archa Theatre (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 20:00

Vladimír Mišík is a Czech rock guitarist and singer. He founded his first band, called Uragán, as a teenager. Later, he became the lead singer of Komety with Radim Hladík. With his friend Radim…

The Regrettes + support: Lauran Hibberd

Rock Café (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 19:00

Fource Entertainment s.r.o. is a live event promoter and producer which strives to deliver the best and most unique concert experiences to both fans and artists. Fource also works with brands to…


MeetFactory (Praha 5), Ne 24. listopad 20:30

Drahla is an alternative / indie band from Leeds, UK, working with captured tracks. It formed around members Luciel Brown, Rob Riggs and Mikey Ainsley. Their debut album _Stimulus for Living_ was…

Satoko Inoue

DOX⁺ (Praha – Holešovice), Ne 24. listopad 20:30

Japanese pianist Satoko Inoue has collaborated with a number of respected contemporary composers. Her most special relationship is with Jo Kondo. This important Japanese composer has written many…

Dennis Lloyd

Roxy (Praha 1), Ne 24. listopad 20:00

Dennis Lloyd is an Israeli musician. He released his first single _Playa (Say That)_ in 2015 and spent the following year in Bangkok, where he devoted himself to writing music. In 2016, he remixed…

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