Koncerty v Praze

Folk je hodně spjatý s přírodou, pobytem v ní a klidnou atmosférou, což je jakoby v rozporu s hlučnou, auty přeplněnou Prahou, kde každý někam pospíchá a nikde se nezastaví. A přesto lze v Praze najít místa, ve kterých se jakoby čas zastavil a panovala poklidná atmosféra. A dokonce takových míst není vůbec málo. Posuďte sami jak moc je Praha bohatá na folkové koncerty. Přestaňte v Praze alespoň na chvilku chvátat a užijte si pohodový večer na koncertě.

Folkové koncerty:

Allah-Las + support: Mapache + Tim Hill

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 19:00

Los Angeles-based garage rock revivalist quartet Allah-Las comprise lead vocalist/guitarist Miles Michaud, lead guitarist/vocalist Pedrum Siadatian, bassist/vocalist Spencer Dunham, and drummer…

Tourist + support: Ancestral Vision

Café V lese (Praha 10), So 19. říjen 20:00

William Phillips, also known by his stage name Tourist, is a British electronic musician and songwriter. In 2015 he won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for co-writing _Stay with Me_, along with…

Airways + support: Wargasm

007 Strahov (Praha 6), So 19. říjen 19:30

Airways is a recently formed indie rock group consisting of Jake (vocals/guitar) and Alex (guitar) from Peterborough, Jamie (Bass) from Birmingham, and Brian (drums) who moved from Chicago to join…

Tania Chen + Lucie Štepánková + Oliver Torr

Punctum (Praha), So 19. říjen 20:00

Tania Caroline Chen is based in New York and London. Tania has made a name as a compelling and unpredictable sound artist in the realm of piano, astro-electronics and audible entities with…

Mueran Humanos

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), So 19. říjen 20:00

New York Junk + Kill The Dandies!

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), So 19. říjen 19:30

Archivist + Moro Moro Land

Eternia Smíchov (Praha 5), So 19. říjen 20:00

Siberian Meat Grinder + Deluminator + support

Rock Café (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

Siberian Meat Grinder is a crossover thrash band from Russian frozen hell, mixing raging hardcore thrash with many different genres from punk and black metal to stoner rock and even rap. The band…

Zuzana Němečková & Petr Přibyl

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 17:00

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

Světlo pro Světlušku 2019

Prague Crossroads (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 22:00

Chinaski is a Czech pop-rock band that won the Andel Award, awarded by the Academy of Popular Music, in 2005 and 2007. The group was originally established in 1987 as "Old Rags", put together by Paul…


Divadlo Na Maninách (Praha 7), So 19. říjen 11:00

The Best of Czech and World Music

Church of St. Martin in the Wall (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 18:00

XYZ x Ankali: Russell El Butler + Oliver Torr + more

Ankali (Praha 10), So 19. říjen 00:00

Russell has been making waves in the Bay Area music scene for years. Their project Black Jeans evoked the emotional and physical qualities of minimal synth and electronic body music to transport…


Studio Pamet (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 19:30

Bast + Pilot Study

Kastan (Praha 6), So 19. říjen 20:00

Bast is a Czech metal band from Brno, which was established in 1992. Founding members at that time were Hana Friedlaender (vocals), Charles Mudr, Ivan Barvínek, Vladimir Hanzal and Charles Matejovce…

Naživo!: Gaia Mesiah

Club Kino Černošice (Černošice), So 19. říjen 20:00

Cloud 9+

Klub FAMU (Praha), So 19. říjen 20:00

East West European Jazz Orchestra

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 21:30


Hól (Praha 7 – Holešovice), So 19. říjen 20:00

Nadishana is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer from Siberia, who creates his own unique and innovative approach to world fusion music – the creative synthesis of different musical…

Meet-mix – pod muzikantskou kůži

La Fabrika (Praha 7), So 19. říjen 18:00

En.Dru is very successful Czech beatboxer. He has the title of vice-champion of the world looping (Boss Looping World Championship), the double champion of the Czech Republic in the beatbox, winner…

The Dream Of Orion

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

Welicoruss + Malorshiga + more

Nová Chmelnice (Praha 3), So 19. říjen 20:00

The Siberian metal band Welicoruss has been active since 2002. Since 2014, after several new members from Czechia and Serbia joining their ranks, they can be considered an international band.…

A. Dvořák: Symphony No. 9 E Minor – From the New World

Municipal House (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra is the oldest symphony orchestra in Czechia and one of the oldest symphony orchestras in the world. It was founded in 1835 by composer, violinist and conductor Josef…

Milan Al Ashhab & Adam Skoumal

Lichtenštejnský Palace (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 10:30

Die Happy

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), So 19. říjen 19:00

Die Happy is a German band from Ulm. The band was founded at the end of 1993 by guitarist Thorsten Mewes, bassist Julian Rosenthal, drummer Marcus Heinzmann and singer Marta Jandová. Mewes and…

Český mejdan s Impulsem 2019

O2 Arena (Praha 9), So 19. říjen 18:00

Hana Zagorova is a Czech pop singer, songwriter, actress and presenter. After Lucie Bílá, she holds the most awards in the category of the Golden Nightingale singer, became the winner of nine Golden…

Omnion + Tóny Brány + Zóna & Yukimura

Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 21:00

Tomáš Reindl is a musician with a wide range of application. His main field as drums and percussion, tabla Indian, Arabic and African drums, Australian didgeridoo and other ethnic instruments.…

Steve Walsh Band & Ken Clark

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 21:00

Roberto Magris Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 19:00

Adriano Trindade & Los Quemados

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), So 19. říjen 22:00

Adriano Trindade from the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre and is one of the most respected contemporary artists of modern samba. Adriano participated in major festivals in Europe and played in…

E Converso

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), So 19. říjen 19:00

E Converso band formed in 2011 at the Jazz Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek. Play your own music, in which emotion plays a big role. Music band is variously colored, interwoven with the industrial…

Hot Sisters

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

Osian Roberts Trio

Jazzboat (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:30

Osian Roberts is eminently musical tenor saxophonist from Wales. Thanks to its natural lightness and creativity, it can be positively identified as one of the top players of his generation. Despite…

Jiří Suchý: Recital 1964 / 2019: Semafor Theatre Band

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), So 19. říjen 20:00

The Amazons + support: Donnie Darko

Café V lese (Praha 10), Ne 20. říjen 19:00

The Amazons are four British musicians from Reading who create electrifying indie rock full of guitar riffs with a hint of mysterious charm. The band is compared to popular British bands such as…

Břevnov Monastery Mixed Choir

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 17:00

Concert For Organ and Orchestra

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Aleš Bárta is a Czech Organist. He appears as soloist with leading Czech symphony and chamber orchestras, among them the Prague Symphony orchestra FOK, the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Prague…

Prague International Bluenight: G. Love

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 21:00

Adam Naas + support: VeN

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Right from his first song, _Fading Away_, he caught the attention of Les Inrocks and Clique.tv. The Frenchman’s style – a somberly romantic, contemporary dark soul that never stops posturing or…

Kytarový koncert při svíčkách

Art Space (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 18:00

Gondolán Trio + STP

Galerie Lucerna – Prostor pro současné umění (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 21:00

Keimzeit + support: Jan Řepka

Rock Café (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Keimzeit is a German musical band formed in 1979 in Lütte (Belzig) near Potsdam, GDR (German Democratic Republic). Originally called Jogger, they changed their name to Keimzeit in 1982. The…

Ronin + TGP

Kastan (Praha 6), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Ronin played for more than fifteen years. The main field of its scope of film music. His career record over 8 soundtracks and 7 albums. Last year they came up with the name of the last Adagio Furioso…

Podzimní víly

Artual (Praha 7), Ne 20. říjen 16:00


Rock Café (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Keimzeit is a German musical band formed in 1979 in Lütte (Belzig) near Potsdam, GDR (German Democratic Republic). Originally called Jogger, they changed their name to Keimzeit in 1982. The…

Velká swingová noc

Lávka Club (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 19:30

Golden Sunday: Back Side Big Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 21:00

Rouilleux (křest alba) + Lavra

Punctum (Praha), Ne 20. říjen 19:30

Born in the middle of nowhere sometime in the 1980's. Quiet life until introduced to all the pretty people from KLaNGundKRaCH, loud since then. Formed The Ruin of Ruins with RUiNU in 2008, No…


Klub FAMU (Praha), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

The main character of the American band Hoods, which was founded in 1994, is Mike Hood. Nasranost, straightness, uncompromising fight for their cause and sometimes buranská aggression, it is an…

The Best Of World And Czech Music

St. George's Basilica (Praha 1 ), Ne 20. říjen 17:30

Nedělní Dixie: J. J. Jazzmen & Barbora Vágnerová

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Ne 20. říjen 17:00

JJ Jazzmen been performed successfully at many locations around the world. In March and in June 2000 he performed in Prague and Berlin with JJ Jazzmen special guest, former Armstrong teammate, a…

Cyrille Oswald Quartet

Jazzboat (Praha 1), Ne 20. říjen 20:30

Cyrille Oswald began his professional career in 1994 during a stay in the Caribbean. After returning to the Netherlands put together a group of Latin American and studied at the Royal Conservatory in…

Adam Ben Ezra

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Ne 20. říjen 21:00

88th Hana Hegerová's birthday

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Ne 20. říjen 20:00

Lucie White has long been our absolutely most popular singer with a wide range of its focus. From the very beginning of the nineties we can observe in most major Czech musical scene. In musical…

Lea Porcelain + support: Sergeant Jammer

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), Po 21. říjen 19:00

The power and grandeur of this music, the magic and surrealism of this haunted melancholy, always balances itself between chaos and structure. Germany has been waiting for something as exciting and…

Lucky Chops + support: Brass Avenue

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:00

Lucky Chops are a proof of rising popularity of busking. They became famous thanks to a random spectator, who shot band's performance on the street and shared it with internet world. The band…

Iggy Mayerov + Mayberian Sanskülotts + Gustave Tiger

Klub FAMU (Praha), Po 21. říjen 19:30

Jazz Efterrätt

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 21:00

Prague Brass Ensemble

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:00

Galakoncert – Gábor Tarkövi & Moravia Brass Band

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 19:30

Blue Monday: Rene Trossman Quartet

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 21:00

Rene is a blues mastermind from Chicago. That said, you know that his show’s gonna be good. He’s a composer, guitar player and singer, playing the hell out of blues with both his own songs and great…

Jarda Svoboda & Přátelé člověka

Malostranská beseda (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:30

Velikáni swingu

KC Zahrada (Praha 11), Po 21. říjen 14:30

Entombed A.D. + Aborted + Baest

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Po 21. říjen 19:00

Gospel Time & Zuzana Stirská + special guests: Věra Martinová + Josef Fousek + more

Hybernia Theatre (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 19:00

Gala Opera & Ballet

Municipal House (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:00

Dvořák Prague Symphony Orchestra was founded in the 60s of last century on the initiative of a number of top musicians. Also, the current members of the body are the leading players of renowned…

Jazzevec + Mrklm

Klubovna (Praha 6), Po 21. říjen 19:30

The MUH Trio

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), Po 21. říjen 19:30

Jazz Dock Orchestra

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Po 21. říjen 21:00

Zuzana Vlčeková Quartet

Jazzboat (Praha 1), Po 21. říjen 20:30

Please The Trees

Pragovka Gallery (Praha 9), Út 22. říjen 20:00

With members from all corners of the Czech Republic and different musical backgrounds, Please The Trees is a band full of contrasts. Their sound combines the spirit of everything from Popol Vuh's…

Libor Šmoldas Organ Trio

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 21:00

Acid Mothers Temple

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), Út 22. říjen 19:00

Monoskop + Tanyny

Café V lese (Praha 10), Út 22. říjen 19:30

The Slackers + Green Småtroll

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Út 22. říjen 20:00

Opening Ceremony of Prague Music Festival

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 19:30

The PKF - Prague Philharmonia was founded in 1994 by the world renowned conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and under his leadership quickly became one of the best Czech orchestras with an international…

Inter Arma + support: Plešatá zpěvačka

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Út 22. říjen 19:00

Inter Arma, meaning literally "during the war", was created in 2006 and has already recorded four studio albums. The latest release of the band is _Sulphur English_, which was released by Relapse…

Jižní Pól

P.M. Club (Praha 2), Út 22. říjen 19:00

Michal Hanzal & František Bílek

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 17:00

Skolnikovo 37: Pe Dro + Martin Nkyp Soukup + more

Bike Jesus (Praha 7 – Holešovice), Út 22. říjen 19:00

From Another Mother + Čau Česko

Cross Club (Praha 7), Út 22. říjen 20:00

George & The Boogie Allstars

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 20:00

Malá česká muzika Jiřího Pospíšila

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), Út 22. říjen 19:30

Tribute to: Best of Jazz Legends

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 21:00

Eva Emingerova, considered to be one of the best Czech jazz singers, is now in a great demand. In her youth, her musical foundation was much influenced by her father. Later, after a successful career…

Pocta Zuzaně Navarové: Jazz Elements

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 20:00

Rise Of The Northstar

Nová Chmelnice (Praha 3), Út 22. říjen 19:00

Kandráčovci + special guests: František Černý + Karel Holas

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Út 22. říjen 18:30

Richard Müller + Michael Kocáb + Ondřej Soukup

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Út 22. říjen 20:00

Richard Muller, a Slovak singer and musician. Slovak and Czech sings. Often, the songs texts, sometimes they even composed music. Vlad is the son of actor and actress Elisabeth Müller Müller. In the…

Tomáš Liška & Invisible World

Palác Akropolis (Praha 3), Út 22. říjen 19:30

Tomas Liska studied double bass at the Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek in Prague and at the prestigious Berlin Jazz Institute Berlin with renowned American players and educators Greg Cohen and John…

Eros Ramazzotti

O2 Arena (Praha 9), Út 22. říjen 20:00

The first significant success recorded by Eros Ramazzotti in 1984 on the Festival of San Remo. As the hand-built by a newbie has competed in the tournament beginning artists. Has its own song "Terra…

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