Koncerty v Praze

Příznivci metalu v Praze nemusejí být smutní. Každý týden se koná řada metalových koncertů v klubech jako Kain, Rock Café, Strahov 007 nebo třeba Exit-Us. Níže naleznete jen malou ochutnávku toho co se pro příští dny v Praze plánuje. Pokud by vám to nestačilo navštivte metal koncerty.

Metalové koncerty:

The Soft Moon + support: Fatamorgana

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), Po 3. říjen 21:00

Pražský salonní orchestr

KC Zahrada (Praha 11), Po 3. říjen 14:30

Inaugural Concert of Petr Popelka

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Po 3. říjen 19:30

The best of Gershwin

Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), Po 3. říjen 19:00

Dean Lewis + support: Anson Seabra

Roxy (Praha 1), Po 3. říjen 20:00

Dean Lewis is an Australian singer/songwriter from Sydney. He is best known for his debut single _Waves_, which was certified triple platinum in Australia in 2017, and his 2018 single _Be Alright_,…

Jazz New Orleans Style: J. J. Jazzmen

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), Po 3. říjen 19:30

JJ Jazzmen been performed successfully at many locations around the world. In March and in June 2000 he performed in Prague and Berlin with JJ Jazzmen special guest, former Armstrong teammate, a…

Nikol Bóková

Convent of St. Agnes of Bohemia (Praha 1), Po 3. říjen 19:30

Nikol Bóková is a musician dedicated to many genres of music but particularly works as a performer of classical music. Her repertoire ranges from Baroque to contemporary but the 19th and 20th Century…

Koncert Kozub & Krhut

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Po 3. říjen 20:00

Mudhoney + special guest: The Drove + support: Ari & Indi

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Út 4. říjen 20:00

Mudhoney is an alternative rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, USA in 1988 following the demise of Green River. Mudhoney’s members are vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mark Arm, lead guitarist…

Greatest Hits + Island Mint

Café V lese (Praha 10 – Vršovice), Út 4. říjen 19:30

Benefiční koncert: Irena Troupová & Jiřina Dvořáková Marešová

Prayer Evangelical Church (Praha 2), Út 4. říjen 19:30

Den architektury: Koncert Pocta Josipu Plečnikovi

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Praha 3), Út 4. říjen 20:00

The mezzo-soprano Michaela Zajmi is a graduate of the Prague Conservatory, where she attended the class of Prof. Yvona Škvárová. While still a student, and after graduation too, she garnered…

Max Cooper

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3 – Žižkov), Út 4. říjen 19:30

Max Cooper, born 1980, is a London-based producer of electronic and techno music who has been releasing music since 2007. Since then, he has released more than seventy original tracks and remixes and…

Dinner with Mozart

Grand Hotel Bohemia (Praha), Út 4. říjen 19:00

Polaris + Alpha Wolf + more

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Út 4. říjen 20:00

Polaris is an Australian metalcore band from Sydney that was formed in 2012. At the end of November 2013, the band released their first EP _Dichotomy_, which was produced by Will Putney and sold…

Tribute to World Legends: Ray Charles

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), Út 4. říjen 19:30

Although singer Lee Andrew Davison originally comes from Oklahoma, U.S.A., he has lived in Prague since 1991. He sings with many jazz bands and musicians but, unfortunately, the wider audience hardly…

Matt Darriau's Paradox Trio

Jazz Dock (Praha 5 – Smíchov), Út 4. říjen 21:00


O2 universum (Praha 9), Út 4. říjen 20:00

Anastacia is an American pop singer and lyricist who debuted with her album _Not That Kind_ in 1999. It was followed by albums _Freak of Nature_ (2002), _Anastacia_ (2004), _Heavy Rotation_ (2008), …

Kalle + Manollo

Bike Jesus (Praha 7 – Holešovice), St 5. říjen 21:00

Kalle, which is said to have a Nordic soul, is composed of singer Veronika Buriánková and guitarist David Zeman. The band has nominations for Vinylo, Andel and Apollo. They have both played in other…

Yvona Škvárová & Jan Kalfus

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), St 5. říjen 18:00

Integrity + Eyes of a Dreamer + Boost

Underdogs’ Ballroom (Praha 5), St 5. říjen 19:30

Integrity is a band that formed in 1988. Lyrical themes include religion, the supernatural, mental illness, individualism, the occult, and Holy Terrorism.

Three Days Grace

Malá sportovní hala (Praha 7), St 5. říjen 20:00

Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band formed in Norwood, Ontario in 1997. Based in Toronto, the band's original line-up consisted of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing…

Tribute to World Legends: Louis Armstrong

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), St 5. říjen 19:30

Old Timers Jazz Band was founded in 1968 and his speech style continues to play New Orleans veterans as well as they played mostly improvised jazz with a strong emotional charge and warmth all its…


Palac Akropolis (Praha 3 – Žižkov), St 5. říjen 19:30

Years & Years

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), St 5. říjen 20:00

Years & Years is a British electronica trio founded in London. The band consists of frontman and keyboard player Olly Alexander, bass guitarist Mikey Goldsworthy, and keyboardist Emre Türkmen. Years …

Fuchs2 Live: Kabinet Records Label Night

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Čt 6. říjen 20:00

Jitka Smutná & Rodinná fúze

H55 (Praha 14 – Hloubětín), Čt 6. říjen 19:00

Limina: Berg Orchestra

Krematorium Strašnice (Praha 10 – Vinohrady), Čt 6. říjen 19:30

The Berg Orchestra is a first-class, youthful ensemble that brings a breath of fresh air to the Czech music scene – it presents innovative projects that are attractive to audiences, primarily…

Parta vynikajících lidí + I s tebou

Klubovna (Praha 6), Čt 6. říjen 19:30

Ufomammut + Trahir

Underdogs’ Ballroom (Praha 5), Čt 6. říjen 19:00

Ufomammut is a power trio formed in 1999 in Tortona, Italy by Urlo (vocals, bass and synths), Poia (guitars and synths) and Vita (drums). Ufomammut is worldwide recognized as the creator of a unique…


KC Zahrada (Praha 11), Čt 6. říjen 20:00

Neřež Music Group was founded as a sequel to the legendary Stainless. In 1998 the band enters Jaromir Nohavica Neřež Vladislav Hořovská, Vit Sázavský, Zdenek Vřešťál and Filip Jelínek. The group adds…

Načeva a Zdivočelí koně

Vzlet (Praha 10 – Vršovice), Čt 6. říjen 19:30

Jaroslav Svěcený & Ladislav Horák

Sál V Ladech 10 (Praha 4 – Šeberov), Čt 6. říjen 19:00

Fast Food Orchestra (křest alba) + Vojtaano

Roxy (Praha 1), Čt 6. říjen 19:00

The band Fast Food Orchestra was formed in 1994-96, and from 1998 began to work actively in clubs. The band has a diverse style, mixing elements of reggae, dancehall, ragga, rocksteady, punk, hip-hop…

Funk Corporation

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Čt 6. říjen 20:00

Curious & Virtuoso

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Čt 6. říjen 18:00

Alison Cotton + Wojciech Rusin & Jo Hellier + Overdriven Dreams

Punctum (Praha), Čt 6. říjen 19:00


Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), Čt 6. říjen 19:00

The Czech Collegium Orchestra, which was founded in 1996 and is composed primarily of the leading musicians of the Symphony Orchestra FOK. He is both chamber and symphonic music of all periods. Among…


Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Čt 6. říjen 18:00

Slaves is an American rock band consisting of drummer Zack Baker, guitarists Wes Richmond and Felipe Sanchez, bassist Colin Vieira, and vocalist Matt McAndrew. The band has 4 full-length albums to…


Palac Akropolis (Praha 3 – Žižkov), Pá 7. říjen 19:00

Eelke Kleijn + Lumiere + další

Distrikt7 (Praha 7), Pá 7. říjen 22:00

Eelke Kleijn is a Dutch artist with many faces, active as a producer and DJ for over a dozen years, but he has been associated with music for much longer. Even before he started his adventure with…

Terrible 2s

Klub Letka (Praha 7), Pá 7. říjen 20:00

Pernerfest: The Bottom + Gnosis + další

Rock Café (Praha 1), Pá 7. říjen 18:00


Roxy (Praha 1), Pá 7. říjen 20:00

Puding pani Elvisovej

Café V lese (Praha 10 – Vršovice), Pá 7. říjen 19:30

Puding pani Elvisovej (Ms's Elvis pudding), also known by the acronym PPE is a slovak band, founded in 1995 in Košice. Their music combines electronic dance music and other genres. In 2004 they…

Solisti da Camera

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Pá 7. říjen 18:00

Lenka Nová

Winternitzova vila (Praha 5), Pá 7. říjen 18:30

Parov Stelar – Venom Tour 2022 + support: El Siciliano

Sportovní hala Fortuna (Praha 7), Pá 7. říjen 20:00

Parov Stelar is a band united around Parov Stelar, one of the most influential musicians of the Austrian independent scene. His work is characterized by an exceptional combination of electronic music…

Best of Jazz, Soul & Funk: Lee Andrew Davison

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), Pá 7. říjen 19:00

Although singer Lee Andrew Davison originally comes from Oklahoma, U.S.A., he has lived in Prague since 1991. He sings with many jazz bands and musicians but, unfortunately, the wider audience hardly…

Wojczech + Cyness + další

Club 007 Strahov (Praha 6), Pá 7. říjen 18:00

Wojczech is a German Death Metal / Grindcore band from Rostock. They have been active since 1995 and have published numerous splits and EPs. Among their releases is _Sedimente_, the first full-length…

Anna W Quintet

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Pá 7. říjen 20:00

Beata Hlavenková s Kapelou snů pro Cestu domů

La Fabrika (Praha 7), Pá 7. říjen 19:00

Deli Girls

Bike Jesus (Praha 7 – Holešovice), So 8. říjen 20:00

Deli Girls is a New York based duo consisting of Danny Orlowski and Tommi Kelly. Their tracks are raw, aggressive as well as powerful and their music ranges from noise and punk to electro and techno.

Circuit des Yeux

MeetFactory (Praha 5), So 8. říjen 20:00

Circuit des Yeux is the artistic alter ego of the American singer Haley Fohr, but it’s not her only one: she is also known to the world as the mysterious outlaw Jackie Lynn. In Fohr’s case, it’s…

Pulz: post-hudba + Něco něco + Zdeněk Lichnovský

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3 – Žižkov), So 8. říjen 20:00


Roxy (Praha 1), So 8. říjen 23:00

Klangkarussell is an Austrian electronic music duo formed in 2011. The two members of the group are Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Their biggest hit to date is _Sonnentanz_, which reached the top 10…

Naxatras + Half Gramme of Soma + Science Killer

Rock Café (Praha 1), So 8. říjen 20:00

The Greek psychedelic rock band Naxatras have been well into the first decade of their existence and a significant number of milestones has been accomplished. After 3 full length albums that…

Taneční večer s Elán revival

Obecní dům Ďáblice (Praha – Ďáblice), So 8. říjen 19:30

Virtuosi di San Nicola

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 8. říjen 18:00

Zahajovací koncert: Pražský filmový orchestr

Liechtenstein Palace (Praha 1 – Malá Strana), So 8. říjen 19:00

Prague Film Orchestra is a symphony orchestra composed of young people who love film music. They are mostly students and graduates from leading Czech and foreign music schools located them students…

Bolero, Carmina Burana

Spanish Synagogue (Praha 1), So 8. říjen 20:00

The Czech Collegium Orchestra, which was founded in 1996 and is composed primarily of the leading musicians of the Symphony Orchestra FOK. He is both chamber and symphonic music of all periods. Among…

Hudba o třetí: Anna Paulová & Hedvika Mousa Bacha

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), So 8. říjen 15:00

The Limba

Fashion Club Prague (Praha 1 – Staré Město), So 8. říjen 23:00

Elektrïck Mann

Futurum Music Bar (Praha 5), So 8. říjen 20:00

The Best of Swing & Jazz Era

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), So 8. říjen 19:00

Acid Blade + Faust

Club 007 Strahov (Praha 6), So 8. říjen 19:00

Tribute to World Legends: Frank Sinatra

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), So 8. říjen 21:00

Night Lovell

Roxy (Praha 1), Ne 9. říjen 20:00

Fource Entertainment s.r.o. is a live event promoter and producer which strives to deliver the best and most unique concert experiences to both fans and artists. Fource also works with brands to…

Sigur Rós

O2 universum (Praha 9), Ne 9. říjen 20:00

Sigur Rós is an Icelandic post-rock band that was founded in Reykjavik in August 1994. Their music, based on untouched nature and life in Iceland, uses melodic, classical, experimental and minimalist…

Huun Huur Tu

Church of The Saviour (Praha 1), Ne 9. říjen 19:00

File Huun Huur-Tu-comes from the Siberian city of Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva, an autonomous republic of the Russian Federation. Tuva became legendary famous among fans of throat singing, to which the…

Moon Hooch + support: Tygroo

Palac Akropolis (Praha 3 – Žižkov), Ne 9. říjen 19:30

Moon Hooch is an experimental jazz band from New York. It consists of the musicians Wenzl McGowen (saxophone, double bass, clarinet, EWI), Mike Wilbur (saxophones, vocals, synths) and James Muschler …

The Neighbourhood

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Ne 9. říjen 20:00

The Neighbourhood (sometimes rendered as "THE NBHD") is an American rock band formed in Newbury Park, California in 2011. The band is composed of vocalist Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Jeremy Freedman…

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Po 10. říjen 21:00

Lucerna Music Bar is a concert club housed within the Lucerna Palace, located on a hallway or "passage" that connects Vodičkova and Štěpánská streets near historic Wenceslas Square, in the New Town …

Queyras plays Dvořák

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Po 10. říjen 19:30

French cellist Jean-Guihen Queyras is one of the most striking instrumentalists of his generation, prized for his absolute humility and devotion to the musical work. He appears as soloist with some…

All Them Witches + support: Rich Ruth

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Po 10. říjen 20:00

All Them Witches made their debut in 2012, for the last six years gaining experience on countless concerts and hours spent in recording studios. The group is now firmly located in the genre, which in…

Laco Déczi & Zdeněk „Krysa“ Fišer

Pavillon du Vin (Praha 2 – Vinohrady), Po 10. říjen 19:00

Trumpet player, composer and band leader Laco Déczi was born in Bernolakovo (close to Bratislava, Slovakia) in 1938. In 1960's he was a member of Karel Velebny's S+HQ. In 1970 he recorded his solo…

Come + Oswaldovi

Club 007 Strahov (Praha 6), Po 10. říjen 19:00

Il Divo

O2 universum (Praha 9), Po 10. říjen 20:00

Il Divo miracle is the work of a music manager and producer Simon Cowell primarily known as a ruthless judge of American Idol. Two years after Cowell searched the world for young opera singers…

Best of Vintage Jazz & Blues: Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), Po 10. říjen 19:30

Amy Shark: See You Somewhere Tour

Rock Café (Praha 1), Po 10. říjen 20:00

Amy Louise Billings, who performs as Amy Shark, is an ARIA award winning Australian Indie pop singer-songwriter and producer from the Gold Coast, Queensland. She is best known for her 2016 single …


Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Po 10. říjen 20:00

Kaleo is an Icelandic indie rock band. The group currently has three LPs to their credit, which have sold several hundred thousand copies. Kaleo's single _Way Down We Go_ has reached almost 40…

Sto zvířat

Lucerna Music Bar (Praha 1), Út 11. říjen 21:00

In the fall of 2010, Skupina Sto celebrated their 20th anniversary of formation. The band was founded in 1990 as a project of Jan Kalina (drums, vocals, songwriter) and Thomas Belka (tenor saxophone,…

Jedenáctky: NiTrio

Chodovská tvrz (Praha 4), Út 11. říjen 19:00

Noize MC

Great Hall Lucerna (Praha 1), Út 11. říjen 20:00

Ivan Alekseev also known as Noize MC (which is also the name of his band), is a rock/punk/hip-hop musician from Moscow, Russia. He’s one the most famous russian freestylers known for his tongue-in…

Sam Lee

Karlín Barracks (Praha 8), Út 11. říjen 20:00

"I want to make music for people who had never heard of folk, put it in quite a new way and to challenge what you underneath yet imagined," said Sam Lee, who with his debut album Ground of Its Own…

Komorní řada: Guarneri Trio Prague

Žižkov Atrium (Praha 3), Út 11. říjen 19:30

Guarneri Trio Prague was founded in 1986. One of the top piano trios classical character. Already the first trio of notable successes to ensure the highest attention of the international music press,…

Tribute to: Best of Jazz Legends

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1 – Nové Město), Út 11. říjen 19:30

Eva Emingerova, considered to be one of the best Czech jazz singers, is now in a great demand. In her youth, her musical foundation was much influenced by her father. Later, after a successful career…

Ondřej Havelka a jeho Melody Makers: Swing nylonového věku pokračuje!

Bez Zábradlí Theatre (Praha 1), Út 11. říjen 19:00

Ondřej Havelka and his Melody Makers (Czech: Ondřej Havelka a jeho Melody Makers) or simply The Melody Makers, is a Czech retro-band, playing American "jazz standards" and Central European jazz and…

One Morning Left + support: CrossChains + Somehow Jo

Rock Café (Praha 1), Út 11. říjen 20:00

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