Koncerty v Praze

I pro výtržníky je Praha dostatečně bohatá. Pořádně zapařit si můžete třeba na koncertech v legendárním klubu 007 na Strahově nebo třeba v Rock Café. Vyhledávaným místem punkáčů je ovšem ale i menší klub Vagon nebo Kain. Zde naleznete jen opravdu malou ochutnávku, kde se dá pořádně řádit. V nabídce Prahy je ovšem i mnoho dalších akcí o čemž se můžete přesvědčit na stránce punk koncerty Praha. Vyražte ven pořádně zapařit. V letní sezóně jsou obzvláště důležité taktéž festivaly.

Punkové koncerty:

Milan Guštar: Zvuk – hluk – hudba – obraz / Michal Cáb: Spektrální negativ

Stone Bell House (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:00

Thee Lazy Eyes + Blacksea

Café V lese (Praha 10), Út 18. červen 19:30

Thee Lazy Eyes is a group of friends based around members of bands such as Maggie's Marshmallows, Kill the Dandies, Madhouse Express etc. The band is influenced by variety of dead or alive musicians…

Sum 41 + support: The Creepshow + more

A Park Ledárny (Praha 4), Út 18. červen 17:50

Sum 41 is a pop-punk rock band from Ajax, Canada. The group was founded in 1996 during the 41st summer day, hence its name. Among its members are Deryck Whibley (vocals, guitar, keyboard, piano),…

Mikrochor – Rhythmic Choir

NoD (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:30

Steve Walsh Band

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 21:00

Steve Walsh is a American guitarist and producer who is known for example for its collaboration with stars as Norah Jones, Viktor Krauss and Chris Cheek.

Michal Hanzal & František Bílek

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 17:00

Úsměvy W. A. Mozarta

Concert Hall of the Prague Conservatory (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:30

Chattopadaya3 + Skliba & Zí + more

Cross Club (Praha 7), Út 18. červen 20:00

The name of the Chattopaddaya band of one chemist Jottym Chattopaddayovi Alberta, originating in India. In order to compose sounds, tones tones to libozvučných akodrů and chords to songs we've been…

FreeZone: Will Shake + Back to Stone + Tři a pět minut

Rock Café (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 20:00

Carl Orff – Carmina Burana

Municipal House (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:30

Camerata 2018 has been founded by oboe player and conductor Vojtěch Jouza, who is also its artistic director. The ensemble focuses on performing chamber music in various formations emphasizing…

Kvarteto Norbert

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:00

The Norbert Quartet was founded by players from the Czech Philharmonic in 2003 so they could devote themselves intensively to chamber music, enriching their activities in the orchestra. Together,…

Cricket & Snail

Chodovská tvrz (Praha 4), Út 18. červen 19:00

Cricket & Snail is a violin-accordion duo from the U.S. (Nashville,TN) that performs an eclectic mix of classical, early 20th-century popular and folk musical styles that transport their listeners to…

Anna W. Quintet + Thea & Coming Out

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 20:30

Keltské úterý: Ewenay + Chip & Co.

Vagon (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 21:00

Ivo Kahánek & Czech Philharmonic Quartet

Zizkov Atrium (Praha 3), Út 18. červen 19:30

The young Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most remarkable artists of his generation. He is known for a wide variety of expressive and exceptional virtuoso…

The Stopray Ultravision Sixty

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Út 18. červen 19:00

Tribute to: Best of Jazz Legends

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 21:00

Eva Emingerova, considered to be one of the best Czech jazz singers, is now in a great demand. In her youth, her musical foundation was much influenced by her father. Later, after a successful career…

Prague Chamber Orchestra & Jiří Bárta

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 19:30

La Descarga Salsa Orchestra

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 20:00

La Descarga Salsa Orchestra located in the capital of Czech Republic is a patchwork of musicians from different countries of the world. Represented in this salsa orchestra, the Czech Republic,…

Císař Band

Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt (Praha 1), Út 18. červen 21:15

Cisar (Emperor) band is a jazz-blues quartet of outstanding young musicians. It is headed by a charismatic singer and bassist John Cisar.

Laco Deczi & Celula New York

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Út 18. červen 22:00

Trumpet player, composer and band leader Laco Déczi was born in Bernolakovo (close to Bratislava, Slovakia) in 1938. In 1960's he was a member of Karel Velebny's S+HQ. In 1970 he recorded his solo…

PKF Prague Philharmonia – Kasárna Karlín

Kasárna Karlín (Praha 8 – Karlín), St 19. červen 21:00

The PKF - Prague Philharmonia was founded in 1994 by the world renowned conductor Jiří Bělohlávek and under his leadership quickly became one of the best Czech orchestras with an international…

Julia Holter + support: Never Sol

NoD (Praha 1), St 19. červen 19:30

Julia Shammas Holter is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, composer and artist, based in Los Angeles. A CalArts graduate, Holter released her first studio album, _Tragedy,_ in 2011. Her…

Walking Papers

Café V lese (Praha 10), St 19. červen 19:30

Walking Papers are an American rock band from Seattle, Washington, formed in 2012. Initially founded by Jeff Angell (vocals, guitar) of The Missionary Position and Barrett Martin (drums, percussion)…

The Burning Hell

Campus Hybernská (Praha 1), St 19. červen 21:00

Laureate + The Run Up

Na pul cesty Café (Praha 4), St 19. červen 20:00

Laureate is a Canadian pop punk band, consisting of Giancarlo (guitar, vocals), Erin (bass, vocals), Mike (drums) and Matt (guitar). So far, the band has released a demo, the EPs _Leave a Light_ and …

Kiss + special guest: ZZ Top

Eden Aréna (Praha 10), St 19. červen 16:00

Rooted in the campy theatrics of Alice Cooper and the sleazy hard rock of glam rockers the New York Dolls, Kiss became a favorite of American teenagers in the 70's. Most kids were infatuated with the…

Czech Philharmonic – Open Air Concert 2019

Hradcany Square (Praha 1), St 19. červen 20:00

The Czech Philharmonic (Česká filharmonie) is a Czech symphony orchestra based in Prague. The orchestra's principal concert venue is the Rudolfinum.

Stalin Stage x Bigg Boss: Maniak & Orion & DJ Black Angelika

Containall – Stalin (Praha 7), St 19. červen 20:00

George Haslam: K filmu Paganini ve víru erotických vášní

Balada Bar (Praha), St 19. červen 20:00


Holešovická Šachta (Praha), St 19. červen 20:00

Bohumír Rabas & Jana Jonášová

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), St 19. červen 17:00

Dryman + guests

Cross Club (Praha 7), St 19. červen 20:00

Enjoy House: Adlet + Kostka

Roxy (Praha 1), St 19. červen 23:00

Adlet is originating from Karviná, where for the first time stood behind the turntables, so two years later, he played his first live set. From 2003 until March 2005, transformative playing only…

Rolling Stones Revival Prague

Vagon (Praha 1), St 19. červen 21:00

Blue Monday: Rene Trossman Quartet

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), St 19. červen 21:00

Rene is a blues mastermind from Chicago. That said, you know that his show’s gonna be good. He’s a composer, guitar player and singer, playing the hell out of blues with both his own songs and great…

Reduta All Stars Evening: Old Timers Jazz Band

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), St 19. červen 21:00

Old Timers Jazz Band was founded in 1968 and his speech style continues to play New Orleans veterans as well as they played mostly improvised jazz with a strong emotional charge and warmth all its…

Revival Swing Band

Jazz & Blues Club Ungelt (Praha 1), St 19. červen 21:15

Revival Swing Band was founded in 1979 and followed the familiar Dixieland Revival Club group that operated in the sixties. The member was in 64 to 66 trumpeter Anthony Šilhavý. After the collapse of…

Štěpán Markovič trio

Chodovská tvrz (Praha 4), St 19. červen 19:00

Czech jazz musician and saxophonist, appearing in many projects and groups, which reflects his interest in experimentation and the transition between completely different genres.

Luboš Andršt & Energit + Martin Kratochvíl & Jazz Q

007 Strahov (Praha 6), St 19. červen 19:00

Lubos Czech Andrst is a versatile guitarist and composer, who draws his inspiration mainly from the blues and jazz. In his work can not find the influences of ethnic music and of course the influence…

Closing Evening – Fazil Say

Municipal House (Praha 1), St 19. červen 19:30

The Prague Symphony Orchestra was founded in the autumn of 1934 by the conductor Rudolf Pekárek. He defined the new ensemble's fields of activity with the words Film-Opera-Koncert, and such the…

Kurt Vile & The Violators + support: Jorge Elbrecht

MeetFactory (Praha 5), Čt 20. červen 20:30

Before Kurt Vile released his debut solo album _Constant Hitmaker_ in 2008, he spent the last decade as a frontman, songwriter and guitarist of indie-rock band The War on Drugs. In 2009, after many…

John Zorn – Bagatelles Marathon

Forum Karlín (Praha 8), Čt 20. červen 19:00

John Zorn is an American composer, arranger, producer, saxophonist, and multi-instrumentalist with hundreds of album credits as performer, composer, and producer across a variety of genres, including…

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks

Café V lese (Praha 10), Čt 20. červen 20:00

Cash Savage and The Last Drinks is an Australian band from Melbourne, formed in 2009 by singer and guitarist Cash Savage. Currently, the lineup also includes guitarist Joe White and Jess Zubkevych,…


NoD (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 20:00

Lanugo is a unique band with a long and established reputation in the Czech music scene. They released the debut album in the premium jazz label Animal Music although their music resonates with pop,…

Charlie Slavík Revue

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 21:00

Enablers + Nesbitt's Inequality

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Čt 20. červen 19:00

Enablers are a post-punk band from San Francisco, California which features the poetry/spoken word of Pete Simonelli. Among their releases are the albums _End Note_ (2004), _Tundra_ (2008) and _The…

Dragon H Fest: Urin + State Funeral + more

Underdogs' Ballroom (Praha 5), Čt 20. červen 18:00

Arguably Berlin's most brutal hardcore band of the last few years, Piss stopped dead in its tracks some time last year and from its ashes Urin has risen. Now speaking Polish and having turned down…

Saint Nicholas Chamber Soloists

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 17:00

Musica Orbis 2019: New England Conservatory Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 20:00

Holy Gore: TMA

Holešovická Šachta (Praha), Čt 20. červen 19:00

Tomáš Martínek aka TMA is a Czech musician and multimedia programmer based in Prague. His first EP _Pohledy_ was released in 2015. His music is full of resonating pads, pulsing sub-bass, lo-fi…

Korrosive + Capsaicin

Eternia Smíchov (Praha 5), Čt 20. červen 19:00


Studio Pamet (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 19:30

The best cure for melancholy - a band of five playing music based on the traditions of the Balkans and Western Europe. Among the musicians one can find instruments such as flute, accordion, bagpipes,…

Marley Wildthing

Containall – Stromovka (Praha 7), Čt 20. červen 19:30

Marley Wildthing is a singer-songwriter from Austria based in Prague. After travelling without plans and just her instruments on her back through America, she decided to dedicate her life to music.…

Milan Urza + Jirka Hes

Přístav 18600 (Praha), Čt 20. červen 20:00

Eben trio

Zámek Zbraslav (Zbraslav), Čt 20. červen 18:30

Piano trio Ebony trio was founded in the year 2012, and during his brief tenure on the music scene soon has ranked among the top files of its kind not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. In its…


Klubovna (Praha 6), Čt 20. červen 19:00

Viktor Dyk & Waw + Roman Dragoun + more

Modrá Vopice (Praha 9), Čt 20. červen 18:00

The Hills Mover

Na pul cesty Café (Praha 4), Čt 20. červen 20:00

Grégoire Fray’s acoustic escapade, The Hills Mover, finds its origins in his own personal mythology (already suggested in his post-industrial project Thot) and develops itself through aerial songs…

The Four Seasons & Gypsy Airs Op. 20

Municipal House (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 17:30

The chamber orchestra “Prague Music“ was formed in the early 2000s. It is composed of distinguished Czech musicians who play for premier orchestras such as the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, the…

Led Zeppelin Revival + Blues Amplified

Vagon (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 21:00

Led Zeppelin Revival is a group, founded in 2001. Originally it was a revival under the title of The currently playing track groups of Steam Cream, Free, j. Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. {gt}

Young Stage

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 19:00

Modern jazz big band made ​​up of students from the jazz department at College of Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory he joined in 2005 under the leadership of Professor Milan Svoboda. He specializes in…

Veronika Vítová & Andy Schofield Sextet: Bill Evans Tribute

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 20:30

Stylové večery 2019: Angloamerický večer

New Town Hall (Praha 2), Čt 20. červen 19:30

The formation of chambre orchestra Harmonia Praga is not fixed, it depends on particular demands on programme and interpretation. The orchestra performs from a small baroque formation to the…

The Best Of World And Czech Music

St. George's Basilica (Praha 1 ), Čt 20. červen 17:30

Kristina Barta

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Čt 20. červen 21:30

Modern trio under the direction of leading Czech jazz pianist and composer Kristina Barta. Her singable melodies, infectious rhythms, distinctive approach and the great interaction within her band…

GFOTY + DJ Fingerblast + more

Fuchs2 (Praha 7), Pá 21. červen 22:00

The Colorblinds + support: Artific

Chapeau Rouge (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 20:00

Prague Fest: Lord K + Forgen + more

Rock Café (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 21:00

Janoušek-Wroblevski Quartet

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 21:00

Průvan v hlavě / Zdivočelí koně

Studio Hrdinů (Praha 7), Pá 21. červen 20:00

Monika Naceva is a Czech actress, singer, chanson singer and member of the Cellar Theatre. It is one of the most promising singers and šansoniérek Czech alternative music scene. Her musical work is…

Consortium Pragense Orchestra

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 20:00

Consortium Pragense Chamber Orchestra is one of a number of Czech string orchestras playing in style corresponding numerical cast (7 strings, trumpet, harpsichord), especially baroque music, pre and…

Mutanti hledaj východisko + Gondor Flames

Klubovna (Praha 6), Pá 21. červen 19:30

Friday Nightmarket: Laura Hoo

Manifesto Market (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 18:30

The Prague Vivaldi Masters 0rchestra

Rudolfinum (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 20:00

Baf + Pes Pilka

007 Strahov (Praha 6), Pá 21. červen 20:00

Distant Bells

Vagon (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 21:00

Distant Bells Brno's revival group playing music of British band Pink Floyd. The band was formed in November 2003 and has since played dozens of gigs across the Czech Republic several times and…

Fantastic Groove Night: Lee Andrew Davison

Reduta Jazz Club (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 21:30

Although singer Lee Andrew Davison originally comes from Oklahoma, U.S.A., he has lived in Prague since 1991. He sings with many jazz bands and musicians but, unfortunately, the wider audience hardly…

Modern Metal Meeting: Modern Age Dying + Through The Disaster + more

Modrá Vopice (Praha 9), Pá 21. červen 19:30


Municipal House (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 19:00

Considered one of Czech's great orchestras, The Czech National Symphony Orchestra is respected today also as one of busiest symphonic ensembles in Europe. In its new era, The Czech National Symphony…

Tomáš Mika Trio

U Staré paní Jazz & Cocktail Club (Praha 1), Pá 21. červen 20:30

Shahab Tolouie Trio

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Pá 21. červen 22:00

Iranian composer, guitarist and singer Shahab Tolouie belongs to a group of musicians who draw their inspiration from the traditional music of his native country. His unique musical style can best be…

Bohemia Saxophone Quartet (album release)

Jazz Dock (Praha 5), Pá 21. červen 19:00

Bohemia Saxophone Quartet is a Czech ensemble consisting of Pavel Fiedler – soprano saxophone, Antonín Mühlhansl – alto saxophone, Pavel Škrna – tenor saxophone and Kateřina Pavlíková – baritone…

Metronome Festival Prague 2019

Holešovice Exhibition Grounds (Praha 7), Pá 21. červen 00:00

Morcheeba is a band from London that formed in 1995. The core of the band was brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey, and the people who perform live with the band currently consist of Skye Edwards (vocals),…

Ďuso Baroš Hard Bop Quintet

U Malého Glena (Praha 1), So 22. červen 21:00

This combo comprises three generations and is inspired by the music of fifties and sixties. The leader Julius Baroš is an excellent trumpeter known for his work with, for example, Laco Deczi or…

Sound Open Air 2019

Strelecky Island (Praha 1), So 22. červen 12:00

Born on the 30th of January 1991 in the Netherlands, Zonneveld’s introduction to music was through classical piano lessons from the age of 3. In his youthful years to come, Zonneveld started…

Welcome Summer: Durane + Selecto

Cargo Gallery (Praha), So 22. červen 17:00


Loď Tajemství na Smíchovské náplavce (Praha 5 – Smíchov), So 22. červen 20:00

Zuzana Němečková & Věra Likérová

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 22. červen 17:00

Vivaldi Orchestra Praga

Church of St. Nicholas (Praha 1), So 22. červen 20:00

Outlook Festival Prague Launchparty: Submotion Orchestra + Blazin' + more

Cross Club (Praha 7), So 22. červen 20:00

Submotion Orchestra - When dubstep gives a date with jazz. Original fusion genre is never enough. A seven-member team Submotion Orchestra from England Leeds shows how it sounds played live jazz and…

The Best of Czech and World Music

Church of St. Martin in the Wall (Praha 1), So 22. červen 18:00

Masters of Classics

Kostel sv. Kajetána (Praha), So 22. červen 18:00

Brunch'n live music: Geoff Tyson

Manifesto Market (Praha 1), So 22. červen 12:00

Stalin Nite Shift: Ark3r + Rifraf

Containall – Stalin (Praha 7), So 22. červen 20:00

Ark plays since 2003. After the adoption of various audio experiences, sucking inspiration and several personal meetings with DJ equipment and studio moved it to play new projects such as Dantz…

Moksi + Manene + more

Epic (Praha), So 22. červen 22:00

DJs _Moksi_ are members of Barong Family label. In their music you can find influences of styles like UK garage, two step, grime or dubstep elements and dense beats.

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